Prime 2 pictures

Here’s some pictures, my wife is already decorating for Xmas (well I helped :crazy_face:)


Finally some sunshine and a chance to take some pictures in good lighting.


nice pictures and very nice scenery… you are a very lucky man :slight_smile:

did you use stock camera app?

Yes, that is the stock app, so only 8MP, but nicest results I ever saw from a watch :ok_hand:


I can only agree, it looks fab mate


Especially for portraits!
The dog’s face is really good even when zoomed.
For landscapes it is another matter, almost fine with no zoom but even a moderate level of zooming shows the lack of details and I’m only talking of smartphone view…

Sure it’s the best for a smartwatch but don’t leave your smartphone at home!

I can change the stock camera app resolution and open all camera settings using any app which can enable menu button in Android 7 MT6739 based watch. I am using Fluid Navigation Gestures.
perhaps in prime 2 it also can be changed. worth to try :+1:

That menu is accessible within the camera app, but 8MP is the max choice…

I thought it was max at 13MP as advertised. sorry I don’t know.
Perhaps kospet will update the firmware for supporting 13MP resolution.