Prime 2 not charging anymore at all!

Hi, Prime 2 not so happy guys! I - unfortunately -, after having received my new product in São Paulo (Brasil) and having been happy with this biiig novelty, have arrived to many posts here about not charging more Prime 2. No different tried cables, just use original one, and have this tested with my multimeter measured in outer pins more than 5.1 Volts. Nor in PC or in my 5000 mAh powerbank - even in common outlets - don’t make it function! Cleaning cable well and also scratched contacts of it and outer smart pins with a little screwdriver just won’t make it charge anymore… Pity! Asked for new cables, but now, having read posts here - I firmly have the decision to send smartwatch back to Aliexpress in Hope chinese factories (already wrote to aftersales). Again, pity, it is a general great launch, modern, full of resources and good battery… Again, it’s my 7th smart these years - among DM98, Lemfo 14, Ticwris, Prime and Hope - and I might say they as a whole have same issues within period of 1 and a half year: battery dying, excessive warming with videos, touch getting worse. erratic behaviours, etc… I’m just used to them, like chinese QQ our corean Athos cars - expensive and problematic -, but tiny and full of new technologies!

Although i dont suppose it will work you could try flashing the latest firmware as you have nothing to lose ? If you have used original cable and cleaned pins etc there isnt much more you can do


Thankful by your contest! I suppose in warranty shouldn’t flash contents - besides that, power is now below 1%!!

You will be surprised how little power is needed to flash . Go for it


After the last charge, the wach was night and discharged, and when I put it on charge in the morning, I saw the following. Wach do not charge and do not start. Is the battery broken?

Clean the contacts with alcohol to make sure that they have contact.
Try to charge on a pc or laptop.


@Максим_Желєзний and all,

Check these connections.
The cable and the rear cover of the watch.
Make sure that the cable pins are fine like the photo below and obviously, the rear cover of the watch should not look like the other photo below:

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