Preferred/recommended settings for Prime

I’m still waiting for my prime to be delivered, the holidays created a peak load in Hong Kong, and my watch was delayed for days.

While waiting, I’m planning what to do when I get it.

What are your recommended settings for the Prime ? I read about Google sync being disabled and other optimization settings, among others to ensure a good battery life.

With the Prime having such a big battery, this may not be such a problem ?

I want to have my watch constantly connected, with or without my phone, so I’m going to have the SIM always on.

And I would like to have always the notifications from my phone available on my watch, whether I am close to it or not, so for notifications sync I think m2d is my only option ?

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You could use watchdroid as long your phone is nearby. And m2d if you are out of Bluetooth reach.


I want to be able to go for hikes without the phone, so I would like notifications to get through also when the phone is far away.
I will not be using the watch for talking, but it’s comforting to have it available for emergency calls.

This is going to be my first Full Android Watch, coming from Garmin Fénix, LG Watch Sport (Wear OS), and latest one of the new Fossil Hybrid HR with e-Ink display and real visors.

Some of you have had several generations of Full Android Watches, and there are probably things you setup to each new one, by now as a standard routine. I am looking for such recommendations.

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Well I’ve used m2d in the past, it’s working fine. Now I don’t use it any more, you might have a look at tablet messager. It works fine on our watches for whatsapp and some more…


What would be the reasons for not choosing m2d, are there problems with it ?
I had a look at tablet messenger, but things like WhatsApp and other chat programs I am planning to run directly from the watch, rather than remote controlling the chat on my phone. I’d rather like each and every notification from the watch to come through to my watch, and only need to reply to those which I can’t run on the watch.

Maybe because of my paranoia…

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I use my watch as a primary phone by putting a SIM card in it. I wonder if you could get a duplicate SIM card from your provider to put in the watch and have one in your regular phone also. I have seen this on the internet…
" Some network operators offer special products to overcome this on-purpose limitation. For example you may get an additional SIM , coded to your telephone number, which disables your first SIM when switched on."
I have never missed a call or message using my Optimus Pro as a standalone, BTW.

Ahh… here ya’ go…

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To answer your question regarding settings . For years we have all looked for ways to improve battery life on these watches . Ie

Google sync off
Wifi only when needed
3g not 4g
Apps not running in background etc

But then the prime comes along and changes the game . Personally to start with i would forget worrying about the battery ( maybe just turn of wifi :wink: ) and see what you think after a hard days use . Then if needed start looking at battery saving options

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Do you all use your main Google email and Playstore account for the watch, or create a new account for it ?

I use my main account, can’t think of a reason to create a secondary one

Then there’s the Launcher choice. I think I want to try the stock launcher before ditching it. I rather like what I see in the videos.
And then there is a Universal Launcher and New Generation Launcher, are they the same in a new version ?
And I saw Luk luk’s cool video with Nova Launcher… When using Nova Launcher, which choice of watch faces do we have ? Seems the watchface compatibility follows the Launcher type.

Universal Launcher New Gen is the name on Playstore. Yes, it’s the same one. If you don’t use it, you won’t be able to see all of the AWESOME type watchfaces (not the wimpy ones IMO) created here including mine. Just sayin’. :sunglasses:

I see some disliking the WiiWatch app. What’s wrong with it ? I noticed it has also file transfer option, so even when taking notifications to an other app, isn’t it handy to keep WiiWatch for at least that purpose ?

I personally use wiiwatch which is enough for my needs and file transfer is useful.

I finally got my Prime with DHL today - YEAHHHHH :grinning:

  1. Is there a general startup guide ? E.g. I have no contacts on the watch although WiiWatch2 connected and allowed access to contacts, but come to think of it I probably need to connect my Google account and it will sync through there - probably there are more things like that to do - did anyone make a step by step setup guide ?

  2. I am trying out the stock browser. When I open it there is a page with shortcuts to pages, one of them being naturally. I have tried long pressing one or adding one with the + sign, but I can’t seem to figure out how to program one of the other shurtcuts to my most used pages. Can anyone guide ?

  3. Then there seems to be other choices of browser, which one and why do you recommend ?

  4. One strange observation - turned on flip watch to see time, but a bit later it was off again - very strange…

  5. After walking the dogs, it didn’t seem like WiiWatch2 reconnected until I opened the app… - ahhh, I just realize I should check the power settings, that it is allowed to run in background etc…

Just connected App Store, and my watch was called a Xolo Prime :thinking:

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  1. It’ll probably sync with your Google account, or you could manually export the list from the device you were using before

2+3. Stock browser is eughh, I use Via cuz there you can change the tabs easily without going to square mode unlike in Chrome (in Via the bar-thing with the change tabs button and stuff is in the bottom), and it works just fine.

  1. The hands-on feature works like that, unless you click on the screen once, it will turn off automatically after a few secs. It’s made to be that way to save battery i guess if you just want to see the time :slight_smile:

  2. I don’t use WiiWatch or any similar app, so I say anything about that. Try to disable it in battery saver like you said


Where is the square/round switch with stock launcher - I can’t seem to find it…

Press and hold the powerbutton. The circle at the upper side.


5,5h battery life, of course with very much screen on time. Hope I will get better results going forward. That was from full charge to auto shutdown.

Observed that wrist movement detection turned on display often when I wasn’t trying to, while sometimes it was quite difficult to do it on purpose.

Would like some sound or vibration when receiving SMS from build in sim, and also for notifications getting through from phone with WiiWatch. Can this be achieved ?

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In fact, the battery only reached its maximum capacity after a few charging cycles. In addition, you should make a few optimizations. Nobody can tell you the perfect settings for you. You will have to experiment a little …
But I have a tip for you. Deactivate Google Auto sync.