Prefer wifi connection over bt tethering

My Prime hasn’t got a sim, so it relies on bt tethering and wifi, but once it connects with bluetooth it won’t switch automatically to wifi when I’m home.
I’d like it to behave like all smartphones do, which is to prefer wifi connection and secondly bt tethering.
Any ideas?
PS: I’ve tried to mess with tasker to obtain this result but the unpredictability of tasker events, at least on the watch made me give up

Have you tried turning off the apps you require in " battery saver " - " data saver " that you want to connect to wifi when you get home ? . Also turn on " google sync " . Obviously all of this comes with battery drainage but the prime has the best battery

Without involving apps I can tell that it’s not using WiFi but Bluetooth instead, by looking at the settings drop-down bar (I’m on nova launcher), when I reach home. The cellphone switches to WiFi automatically, but the watch doesn’t

This may sound like a silly question. What are you trying to achieve ?


I agree. BT and Wi-fi are two different connections that don’t necessarily accomplish the same functions. Plus if I leave Wi-fi on all the time when I am within range of my router it connects automatically with BT on still connected to Watch Droid. Of course I understand leaving Wi-fi on all the time will kill a battery especially if it has to constantly hunt for a connection.
In addition the BT disconnects and connects automatically when I leave my phone, on my boat and return. It holds the connection for about 50+ feet before it drops (Vibrates).

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I would like to have the internet always available for the apps to use, preferably using the wifi if within range.
Currently, if I’m on bt tethering, it will never switch to wifi, and that is the behavior I’m trying to change.

I’m talking about bt tethering, which gives internet connection as well as wifi, so in this context they offer the same functionality

Glad you cleared it up but you never specified that in your original post. Since I don’t use BT tethering , I think it is a problem with my carrier, I can’t help you. Isn’t there a function in our phones that make Wi-fi a priority? But it is switching from a cellular connection and not bluetooth. Maybe someone else uses this function and can help.
Update: So I went and checked my phone, Samsung G7 and there are various settings to make wi-fi a priority or turn it on or off automatically. Also some apps are designated to turn it on/off automatically. I checked my watch, Lem 10 and there are no such options available.

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man I mentioned bt tethering twice in my first post :).
Anyway it seems that the missing option that I see in most of the cellphones but not on the Prime is wifi setting “connect automatically”, so without it I’ll have to find another way or suck it up.