Please help me!

I need stock rom for Bakeey A4…
My smartwatch doesn’t work:((
Please, help me…
I am waiting for your help, thanks…

Sorry, but it’s not a fullandroid smartwatch. We can’t help you.

Where can I get help?

Try to contact the seller.

sorry but this is impossible

We don’t have the firmware for these watch, sorry.

Thank you for everything…

so can we find a suitable rom for my watch?

it is actually, it’s with 7.1.1

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Ok, that changes everything. @Ferdi_kılıç: I’ll have a look. Sorry for my hasty judgment. I’ll see what I can do

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@Ferdi_kılıç , here you go:

I’d advise you factory reset after flashing it, just to be sure


Thank you very much. I was still searching for this firmware.
I didn’t knew this watch…


Thank you, I will try this rom. I will tell you the result

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thank you for your attention

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Oh, you have to thank @noidremained . He prevented me from sending you into the desert and he also solved your problem. :wink:I apologize again for my misjudgment.

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It doesn’t matter, the rom I installed earlier prevents my watch from shutting down :)) I’m waiting for my watch to run out of charge, I’ll try the rom you sent when it shuts down, I hope it works.

Yes, you are right. Let the battery run dry. Use firmware upgrade instead of download only in the flashtool.

Format All + Download or Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Update.

Ok, thanks…

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