Piaget Altiplano ultimate Concept

Piaget-Altiplano-Ultimate-Concept-Watch-01 clock_skin_model

Please notice: This face needs the newest Universal Launcher Version.
The Piaget Altiplano ultimate concept. It measures only 2mm and is the thinnest mechanical watch in the world. I put a lot of time into this face in the hope that my LEM12 pro would then be a little less bulky. Unfortunately without success…
This face is experiment. The resolution is 512 × 512. This should lead to a better display on the Kospet Prime 2, since the face does not have to be scaled up. It works with Universal Launcher on all devices, but the face has to be scaled manually. (Double tap on the watchface, then use the slider, -22)
Since this face has a charging animation, the latest beta of the universal launcher is required:
-Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]

I will publish a 400×400 version the next days. And maybe a stocklauncher version, not sure.

Almost every gear moves, at roughly the speed determined by the arrangement of the gears and the number of teeth.
If you look closely, you will find a kind of battery indicator: The spring shows the charge status of the battery: if it is relaxed, the watch must be charged. If you do so and swiped the standard charge indicator aside, you can watch the spring rewind.

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Download 512×512: -

Download 400×400: -


Awesome as always mate :+1: . You can see the hard work that has gone into this .

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Thanks Doc. Yes, I sank a few hours in this watchface…

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HOLY CRAP THIS IS COOOOL!!! (Isn’t it fun matching the gear ratios?)… ugh that’s a lot of work you did there! PERFECT! :gear:

Thank you!!!


Thank you, I’m glad you like it. It actually took me about 10 days … Did you notice the charging animation? It can be seen if you are using the latest UL version. And if the stock-charging image is swiped away.

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I haven’t put it on my watch yet, but I will try what you said here. 10 days X 4 hours per day… 40 hours or MORE! I know the feeling. Such great work. I hope folks here understand that when things are hand drawn instead of copied, cropped, and pasted then slapped together. Looks WONDERFUL Gin!

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To be honest, it was well over 40 hours. I spent 2 full weekends with it, plus some time in the evenings…


Great work, thanks.

It may have been many hours of work, but the result is exceptional! Beautiful and well done! :handshake:

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Thank you very much, @Joao_Nascimento and @vladimir_lutzu!:slightly_smiling_face:

So, yes, I did notice the new charging animation, but I didn’t know you could swipe it off! Thanks!

I’ve added a 400×400 px version. No need to scale it. I’ve noticed that the watchface looks better on 400×400 screens.

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Doesn’t Kospet Prime 2 have a resolution of 480x 480?

Yes. 512 × 512 is the format I need for the watchmaker version. I was hoping that downscaling would work without any loss of quality. This does not appear to be the case. So I’ll add a 480 × 480 version as well.