Panda, Hero & Hero Pro from Rogbid - Ckyrin

I have pre-ordered a rollme Hero but really would prefer they just go straight for the 1.9 inch dia Hero pro. I would happily pay $750US or more for a properly fully functional (unicorn) watch/phone with those specs.

Its been 9 months, I hope you get it. At this point in time, there has been no word if it will ever be released. I would have waited for a video and prof of the specificatron before buying.

Pre-order but no payments are being taken yet. Same as the KP2

Thats go to know as i certainly wouldnt part with cash on this watch

The brand damage created may have a significant effect if the product ever does get released.

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What brand damage are you refering too ? Thanks

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu:grinning:Brand damage to whoever makes\promotes the Rollme\Hero product.


He’s talking about Rogbid / Rollme reputation.
It is true that the damage was done by trying to convince lemfo that the LEM 14 was a lot of things it wasn’t.

The S08 was not a roaring success either.

I have serious doubts about the M10 and M10 pro… We will see what happens I guess but I will not encourage anyone to put any money down!!!


Yes and it is absolutely true that people should be very careful and aware of the situation.
In fact I have heard that the Rollme brand no longer exists. Gone…

It’s now Rogbid and ultimately Ckyrin driving the bus


Interested parties in this product are clearly frustrated but patience is clearly the better virtue in this instance. I am interested too, but also happy to wait to see what reality develops.

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Is Rogbid Panda the same watch?

looks like it has the same casing, but it has the older android 7.1.1 solution while the Hero was supposed to come with the android 10 solution

The M10 Hero/Panda is Android 7.1.1 as @noidremained mentioned.

The M10 Pro or “Hero/Panda Pro” is supposed to be Android 10.

I will say this only once about this Panda/Hero model:
Remember that chaos about the LEM14 and Rogbid Brave Pro specifications?

**We have the same issue here with the Panda/Hero **
Wrong specs are used for advertising:
Battery (LMAO)
Water proofing
“Bezel - less” means a black ring around the inside edge of the screen to cover the under screen front facing camera.
Barometric sensor is the same as the LEM8.
The price is very high for this older board which is basically the same as the LEM8.

We will not be supporting this model unless the truth is made clear about the real specifications and a price that is fair for customers.
I believe it is totally wrong to sell items under false specifications.
A little drift is acceptable, but out right lies are not.

This is my opinion anyway.
For example - and remember the LEM14 specs …

Battery will be 900-1100mah like the LEM14 - not this


Screen design sounds good until you realise the reality is the re-introduction of a much smaller usable screen area due to the black ring - you will notice this in all pictures of this model. The yellow ring is the front camera - like the LEM10

Bezel - camera and screen

The screen resolution as advertised is not even possible with a 400x400 screen - same as LEM14

Screen resolution

Cameras - the Sony 13mp autofocus sensor would not fit here. It is likely 8mp forward and 5mp front - but we will confirm this


Lastly - the claims about waterproofing are the same as the LEM14 and Rogbid Brave and Rollme S08 - which importantly turned out to be incorrect as well

Water Proof

I get very upset about false advertising to attract customers at $200 USD a pop - discounted lol !!


I’m challenger for this device, M10 pro (rollme hero pro). I received the watch today, so I get the toy for new year holidays! Of course, I know the advertisement is fake.

400x400 IPS display.
5MP+ 2MP camera (Device Info HW say so).


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Yes that’s correct.
Appreciate your post because the advertising for this is not what I would call “accurate” :grin:
I have the firmware for it - if you need it just let me know :+1:


Can you upload the hw info report please?
Do you have the pro or regular version?

OK, Mr @pablo11 . I got the device info via “Device Info HW” app.





If you need more information, please say me.

Can you upload the report?
Tap top left menu and generate report

Yes, Its my mistake, I forgot the feature.

Did not work.
Generate pdf report, thanks :+1: