Panda, Hero & Hero Pro from Rogbid - Ckyrin

Don’t know! And if it does go on sale can you trust the specifications anyway? Doesn’t look like we will ever find out.

I’m looking at the Amazfit Line (T-rex pro, GTR2 & GTS2) due to build quality.They are wear OS. And later the Samsung Galaxy 4, which has Blood Sugar Monitoring.

Does anyone know if there has been updates on availability and confirmation of specs?

Not to us anyway i’m afraid

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu … Thanks Doc, I just find it strange that the watch specs and photos and various re-sellers info has been released a long time ago and no one has any stock or any idea on the availability time-frame.What is wrong with these people?

How can you expect to create enthusiasm and brand awareness over a new product release if you market the item this way? Very strange. :roll_eyes:

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Our support to Rollmee has stopped i’m afraid so we dont know . Sorry

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no problem at all. thx!

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@Gazman, I’ll tell you what I found out about this watch. I have been inquiring about this smartwatch for some time because it is the only one that seems to incorporate compass, pressure sensor and altimeter, something that for me is very important, along with other sensors that are on the same chip. Also one of the strong selling points is that it is IP69, and although it is possible to get it I doubt it will reach that standard, . But my search has been almost in vain.

The watch has been advertised since October last year and still nobody knows anything about it. Last April 10 I sent a message to the whatsapp number listed on Rogbid’s Twitter to ask if they could tell me the release date. This smartwatch is advertised under three different brands: Rollme (Hero), Rogbid (Panda) and Ckyrin (M10). Interestingly Rogbid and Ckyrin share whatsapp number so I think they are the same company or at least share the same resources. I think the actual manufacturer is Ckyrin. I also sent emails to Rollme but never had a reply. On the Rollme website apparently you can buy it, but at the end there is a message saying that it is not yet possible to buy from this website (or any other!).
Finally Rogbid answered me 5 days later. This was his short answer: “Dear sir, panda was delayed. It is supposed to be done in this month. You will get it sooner or later”. April has passed and still no news.

I ask myself the same question as you, how do they intend to sell a product that has been advertised for more than seven months without going on sale in such a changing market? People who are interested, eventually lose interest and buy another brand with similar specifications. However, I believe the project is not abandoned because Rogbid uploaded a video to its facebook page and Twitter on March 23. You can watch it here:

I hope it doesn’t take too long to put it on sale, because I think it can be one of the most promising smartwatches to date, at least they incorporate sensors that were in smartwatches from 6 years ago and now all manufacturers have eliminated, such as compass, position vector, barometer, etc.
I hope I have been of some help.


Sorry, I didn’t know I couldn’t post links. You can look for it on Rogbid’s facebook page.

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@Alvaro28 … many thanks for your response and sucn an informativeupdate!
I really appreciate the time you took to do this.

I guess there is no option but to take a “wait and see” approach. hopefully the product will arrive sooner rather than later. Cheers :+1:

If they do get around to selling this model. They are 8 months past original launch date. In the world of (Getting to not be) Cheap Chinese smartwatches, Several models behind already. Look how many say LEMFO has put out in that time period.

The only person on here who can maybe shed some light on this is @pablo11 .

Stay tuned

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu … I would be keen to know what light our @pablo11 can shed on this. :smiley:

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I can tell you that this is still under a question mark.
It was going to be released as an M10 pro.
But it may well be something else entirely now.
I can find out when the Chinese holidays are over at the end of the week.
But I can tell you this…
If it is a different solution to the ones that we work with / support… We won’t be able to help people as I have said before in previous announcements…

So, let’s not get too excited and wait and see.



The last I heard was that it was cancelled.
But let’s see what happens.


@pablo11 Thank you very much for your first hand information. I understand that when you say “If it is a different solution to the ones that we work with” you mean whether they decide to use Wear OS and Qualcomm snapdragon 4100 instead of MTK 6762 with Android. Some sites were saying they were going to release both the Qualcomm and Android version, but I guess this is old news now. Anyway I hope the project is not cancelled. Looking forward to hearing from you about the decision. Regards.

I mean this…

If it comes from an unsupported solution provider…

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Thanks for the info

As I said before, this was a year ago.
I will have to find out if the project was just postponed or scrapped… Or what…
It’s a public holiday in China until tomorrow and I will find out then.


Have you had any news from Rollme, Rogbid or Ckyrin regarding the Hero? To tell you the truth, the lack of news makes me fear the worst, but I still have hope that the project will go ahead. Thanks

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No news from them.
All I can say is that I have still seen plans for it but nothing has happened yet…

I really don’t know if it will…
Sorry but it is still just a plan until something actually happens…

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