Overheating Kospet Prime 4G

I am failing to find this topic. Yesterday I was wearing my normally 18-36 hour lasting watch when it just started heating up while on my wrist going about my normal day. It drained from 100 to 0% during the course of 7 hours. Today I updated to newest version after having recharged to 100% thinking that the rapid discharge had been due to not having updated. Had to stop recharge after heating began so left it at 70%
Since then I have experienced a discharge of 20% per hour and now will get only 5 hours from 100-0% with all apps disabled. Have had this watch for 12 months. End of the road??
I had not downloaded any apps or installed anything prior. Will recharge and maybe reset if nothing changes,

Jave you performed a factory reset after updating?

No . I have not. Is that the normal thing to do?

You should try it. Often it solves such problems.

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I have just done so and will monitor after full recharge. Thanks

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Over 5 hours later it has charged 87%…the slowest ever as it normally takes less than 2 hours to fully charge. I don’t understand why :neutral_face:

No, it isn’t normal. Put the watch on airplane mode and see if that helps. But I have my doubts…:frowning:

The weirdest thing…10 minutes later unexpectedly it jumped from 87 to 96% in between these 2 posts :astonished:…as I was about to follow your advice! I will monitor and let you know outcome post charging to see rate of discharge per hour with everything off and then later with GPS, wifi, btooth on.

It has just asked me to update again?? (the Sep 2020 update). No idea why after I have to update twice in one day. Installed the update and now it is on a constant switching on and off cycle ending with the Kospet start up screen. I am trying to force shut it down completely but don’t know how

Press and hold both buttons to power the watch down. Then start the watch again.

yeah, held them down for a full 3 min and all that happened was the screen was blinking on and off a bit quicker

Stop pressing the buttons if the screen turns off. If it stays off you could flash the firmware manually.

Sadly it comes back on and repeats the cycle. I was reading a 2019 post with the same exact issue and seems mighty complex

looks like i will have to wait for the battery to die and start to recharge…

This is the first symptom of deterioration of one or more of the battery cells. Generally there is a decrease or increase in the battery charge without apparent cause in small percentages, and over time the jumps in the charge become larger. It could also be due to an imbalance in the charge level of the different cells without any of them actually being damaged. What is strange is that it happens after a year of use. It usually happens after two or more years, but you have to take into account not the time of use but the time from the moment the battery is manufactured, when the battery life counter starts. Lithium ion batteries generally have less life than lithium polymer batteries. I don’t know what the prime’s is. I have been using the Kospet prime for 18 months and so far the battery is perfect. The solution lies in a battery replacement, and I don’t know if Kospet sells spare batteries.

did you clean the contacts at the back of the watch before putting on charge? I had charging problems with mine and had an overheat problem whne trying to make a video can which messed up the mic, callers cant hear me after 3 minutes, I replaced it for the max s

Makes sense because I just could not understand why the rapid discharge happened at this point and had never been an issue ever. I wouldnt even know how to change the battery if they sold one but thank you mightily for your input! I have eventually flashed it and am making another effort at recharging.

yes i have cleaned the contacts and am in the process right now of recharging attempt. Fingers crossed! Thanks though for info on your problem! Will respond once i figure this out.

Try to charge the battery with the watch turned off starting with 10 to 15% charge remaining, using a charger rated at 500 mA or less if possible, although these are becoming increasingly difficult to find. If not, use a 1A charger, never 2A as it can cause overvoltage. You should also place a USB charge meter between the charging adapter and the watch and measure the accumulated charge until you reach 100%. This value should be around 1000 mAh for a healthy battery and discounting the initial 10%. Although the Kospet Prime has a 1250mAh battery, not all of the charge is available due to internal resistance. On my Kospet Prime, I have a 1050 mAh charge starting from an initial 5% charge. Regarding the battery change, someone on the forum asked the same question, and was able to get a new battery for the Prime, but I don’t know where. The problem was changing it, it’s a tricky thing. There is a video from Smartwatch Ticks where he opens the cover to see the battery but didn’t try to disconnect it all the way. I hope you find it useful.

Thank you. The battery is completely flat and unfortunately I do not have access to a different charger or a charge meter. I am not a guru so opening the watch is a non-starter. You have helped me understand the intricacies involved though, so very much appreciated!