Optimus PRO display not responding anymore

I just ran into a problem with my Kospet Optimus Pro .

Recapping: it has been kept turned off for al long time.

Then I recharged it, and got a pair of OTA updates, ending with a very good 3.3 firmware version.

After all is configured up, I ended up with a perfect watch, 4 days battery life with light use, 18 hours of battery life with medium/heavy use, and my preferred skin in place :slight_smile:

This lasted a week, then - suddenly - the screen stopped responding.

After some test, I reflashed the 3.3 firmware, but the same problem is still there.

It seems that the display responds to touch intermittently: if I want to press a point, I can press repeatedly that point, and after a number of attempts, the point respond.

If I want to do a swipe, the swipe starts to move, then stop: as if the touch response is lost while swiping.

Of course I cannot keep pressed the screen beacuse the touch is not kept.

I’m really amazed. No shock, damage, or strange use of the watch, simply worn with care for a week.

Any suggestion ?

PS. I have to add that I remeber that I had the same problem long time ago. I 'm keen to think this isn’t a HW problem.

Writing again for the record.

So, I had this problem for a few days, and no charging/discharging/resetting/flashing helped.

Therefore this morning I asked for help in the forum.

After 15 minutes from my post, the screen started to respond a bit more.

After other three minutes, the display is fully functional.

This doesn’t make any sense :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :exploding_head:

It proves how helpful this FAW forum can be! :rofl:

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We have recently been working with remote maintenance. However, this is still in the testing phase. :shushing_face:


Sorry for spoiling it.

Anyway, the watch keeps having time intervals with display not responding, and others with the display responding fine.

I’m still investgating the pattern, searching for cause hints.

This seems very similar to what some other users have experienced, for example here

and definitively not a HW issue.

This could cause some user to think their own watch is dead especially when the display stops responding at all for a given amount of time.

Please flash the firmware again. This time use the “firmware update” function in the flashtool. This might solve the problem.


Thanks G1NTON1C,
I flashed the 3.3 version with the firmware update option,
but the problem of unresponsiveness is still there.
I also tried a different img, from LEM 7, but this didn’t make any difference.

I’m on the Kospet Pro 3.3 version again, now, and I’m testing from a few
days without collecting any hints about the cause.

From time to time, the display responds for a limited time.

In addition, one time, the display raised its responsiveness to the maximum level:
the touch were occurring without even touching the screen, with the finger at
over 2 millimeters of distance from the screen.
Weird and somewhat funny, like a superpower😄

That same day, a lot of repeated random and rapid touching events occurred without
any finger near the screen.

It would be useful a technician, or maybe a priest, for this watch. :confused:

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Well, I suspect it’s a hardware issue. Probably a screen grounding problem. But that’s just a guess.
If it’s still under warranty (I suspect it’s not), send it back.
Otherwise you can open it carefully and check whether all plug connections are OK.
I assume you can rule out an app as the cause? This problem also exists if no other apps are installed yet?

Could you please better articulate “screen grounding” problem?

I mean shielding against electrical interference. But, once again, it’s just a guess.

I presume my last chance is opening the watch and see what it’s inside.