Touch screen that does not respond randomly

i have a lemfo lem12 and from the start (I bought the watch 15 days ago and the after-sales service does not want to know anything :frowning: ), the touch screen of the watch reacts only once in 5. When it does not react at all, I have to restart the watch, then it starts again a few minutes later.
I tell myself that it is not a hardware failure because from time to time it works correctly. I had also reinstalled the watch’s firmware, but without correcting the problem. So if you have other ideas, I’m interested! It’s annoying having to restart almost every time, or having to press the general button several times for the touch screen to react randomly.
thank you for your help.

Did you try a factory reset ?

in the parameters ? yes i try it but without result.

I meant a full factory reset to start from new

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