Optimus pro dead. any ideas?

good day everyone

I wanted to give fw3.0 another chance.
flashed it, everything went great.
I wanted to do a factory reset, the screen said “erasing”, went black, and it remained black every since.

nothing seems to help, flashing various FWs goes as it should, everything looks ok, but the watch cant be turned on after the procedure.
when off and connected to the PC it only sometimes (once in every 10 attempts or so) flashes the kospet logo, the battery icon shows for a sec or 2 and the screen goes black again. other times nothing happens except the “usb connected” sound goes of, quickly followed by "usb disconnected sound.

any ideas?

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try to fully charge it and when you turn it on then wait but do very long wait…

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as I said, it cant be turned on. that is the very problem I described.

nevertheless, it seems it cant be charged either.

Maybe the battery is badly connected inside the watch…

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yeah, I thought that too.
but it seems like the watch starts a perpetual loop of some kind switching on and off continuously as soon the battery gets charged even a slightest bit.: thus connected and disconnected sounds when i connect the watch to the PC via USB, I think.
it also gets a bit warm, which makes me think it is doing something, even the screen is all black. then it just cool off when the battery is discharged.

I flashed the watch a fair number of times using the very same procedure, and it always worked just fine.
I wonder what could get screwed up this time.
kind of sad cuz I really liked the optimus pro, it was just a step away from being a perfect watch IMHO.

anyways, it seems like I’m getting a new watch, which is pretty cool

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maybe it’s the button that’s the problem

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Hallo, ich habe das gleiche Problem. Die Uhr lässt sich nicht einschalten und ladet auch nicht. Konnten Sie das Problem lösen? Wenn ja, wie?

Kindly post in english only . This is a english only speaking forum . Thankyou

Hello, I have the same problem. The watch cannot be switched on and does not charge. Were you able to solve the problem? If yes how?

At this point any attempt you take to charge the watch will fail due to incorrect or unsuccessful flash, however the watch is discharging. Leave it over night to fully discharge.

In the morning, make sure to flash the confirmed official factory firmware for the Optimus Pro using firmware upgrade. Once the flash is complete leave the watch on the charger. Eventually the watch will turn on and show the charging animation. If the flash fails due to some reason, remove the watch from the dock for 10 mins to fully discharge before trying again.

hello, I followed your instructions. Unfortunately without success. After flashing, the watch does not turn on. It only gets warm. What else can I do?

Can you tell me the model please?
Is it 1g ram plus 16gb storage or 3gb ram and 32gb storage?

Can you tell me what settings you used in the SP Flash Tool please?
Download Only or Firmware Upgrade?

Its the 3gb/32gb model.

i use both settings on flash tool.

neither works

Mine does too today. Kospet prime. Around 40% battery and after 1 unsucessful call it just went black. Charging only show low battery but not charging. Extremely hot too. Exactly 2 month after I bought it sigh.

Hi . Did you install any apps prior to this problem ? . I am aware of this issue

Did you install this app


No sir. last setting that I change is google calendar turn on sync.
here a list of my apps

  1. brave browser
  2. calandar google
  3. photos google
  4. whatsapp
  5. walkman
  6. spotify
  7. Square home launcher
  8. Ivona english amy
  9. voice notify
  10. sony sbh54
  11. keep google
  12. old no ads es file manager
    I’ll try flashing the device
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Thanks for the update . Let me know if flashing works even though your battery appears dead . Thankyou

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Flashing didn’t fix it. Charge it for an hour after flashing but it only shows red battery image. If what you say is true, do I need to replace the battery?. With corona doing its world tour I doubt it will ship.

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To be honest we do not have a solution for this . If flashing doesnt work and i also dont know if a new battery will help ( maybe unless if new battery is fully charged ? when you insert it )

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Sigh. I’ve email their after sales. hopefully they respond. my FAW rock, literally. thanks for your time sir.

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