Warning, this app kills smartwatches!

We would like to warn you urgently not to download this app. It unnecessarily requests admin rights and overheats a full-android smartwatch within a few minutes. The battery can no longer be charged, and the watch cannot be flashed if the battery is empty.

We contacted the developer 2 days ago. No reaction. Our app ratings have been deleted. There are only 2 reviews for this app, both are positive. We suspect that something is absolutely wrong here. We have informed the play store.
If someone accidentally installs this app, we recommend uninstalling it as soon as possible. For this, the admin rights must first be withdrawn. And there is very little time for this.
If anyone had the problems described after installing this app, there is most likely a connection. I then ask for a message.


Strange, in Germany I can’t see them.:+1:


It’s possible that this app is the one mentioned in this article.
If so - your data could be sent to a remote server


You have this one without any problem:

Works well without danger.

We got two similar lists in the UK . The apps in question have been removed from playstore . This app was on the the list

This is not the same app . Just similar

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Hi @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

Yes I know. It was just an advice for using a safe app.

I said it in the end of the post. (Not very visible after a screenshot, its true…)
I edit

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Thankyou :+1:

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Unfortunately, my LEMFO 4 pro has a charge that lasts only 2-4 hours and I haven’t downloaded ANY app at all!! The manufacturer doesn’t respond. Can anybody tell me how can i get the watched fixed?

Try to reset to factory in settings menu


Hello Eric, I reset my watchphone and VOILA!!! IT WORKED. It is now operating completely normal, battery lasts the whole day and it is as beautiful as always. May I ask you why this happened? Again thanks and regards from Colombia.


We don’t know what’s happening, but when you don’t know, try a reset !


Well Eric, now I know that. Is like when you are building a model airplane kit: “When all else fails, read the instructions” LOL.

Turning back to my watchphone, It would be nice to know what really happened, but if not, well, it is working fine. Thanks again my friend


Hello Eric, Watch is working fine, now battery charge lasts more than a day. However, yesterday I had an issue that I don’t understand: I downloaded a couple of legal apps and all of a sudden the watch started to eat up its battery charge very fast in normal stand-by. I removed the added apps and the battry discharge returned to normal. What can be wrong? This means that I can’t download any apps?. I appreciate your help

This wont be the case with all apps . Just make sure they are not turned off in " battery saver " so they cannot run in the background and use battery . Also close apps when finished with them .


Being an iOS developer, the best security the iPhone has provided that you can manually adjust which app you want to allow access to your gallery, camera, mic, internet etc. In Android it was always missing this feature untill Android 6.0 released.
In Android 6.0 onwards, you can disable permissions if you have already allowed… All like files access, camera, contacts, gallery,. Location etc…

But in these watches apps don’t remain running by default in background. Once home button in pressed everything is fine…

But still if you have given access applications to your personal contents… At the time when you open those apps they keep accessing and collecting data in background and can upload to their servers.

So the first rule is…
If you are downloading any application…
If that is requiring you to allow files access, ir gallery or camera, while it doesn’t need to so anything with files or camera… Check “don’t ask again” on the pop up and tap on “don’t allow OR deny” when it asks you to fo so.

If app is still working after denying permissions, it is fine. But if it starts saying… Permissions are required for application… Just uninstall it.

This popup will only appear in Android 6+

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