Optimus 2 update....10/7/23


Anyone else receive an OTA update today?

I was offered an update today and downloaded it…not installed yet as I have magisk and twrp…hoops to jump through.

…I did however give it a blast through twrp but it complained about my devices fingerprint, and when I edited the updater script to not check device fingerprint it then complained about partitions being wrong…that could be a root issue.

So…anyone else receive the update?

What is the version number?
It could be a delayed OTA that was released a while ago.

I am currently on 1.6…I did hear there was a 1.7 in the wild…not sure what the update is as it just has build numbers in the update script…was getting a little confusing.

Here is the link to 1.8 if you want to flash it manually:

-KOSPET_Optimus2_PIX_V1.8_20220917.zip - Google Drive

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Thanks G1N…think I will just wait till I can download the FAW firmware…or does that need to be flashed on top of 1.8?

No, you need to be on less than v1.8 to use the FAW update zip.
I suggest that you flash v1.7 before you flash the update zip.
Edit - actually v1.6 should be fine.

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Yes, 1.6 or below will work.

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Thank you both.

is there a secure (non-rooted) version of Kospet Optimus 2 available for Flash ?

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