Optimus 2 Official support Thread - Updated 26/06/21

I send you a PM.

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hello to all O2 owners, mine arrived today and I just wanted to make sure that the protective glass is already stuck on them because one is in the package… I took off a foil with a piece of paper so at first glance it looks like the protection is there but I wouldn’t like to underestimate it and I don’t really want to try to peel it off either… thank you

I took conservative approach…When I got mine, I just took out only the piece of paper used for pulling out the 2nd layer and preserved the one I got on the box to use later when existing one starts showing scratches…

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I wanted to try TWRP on my Optimus 2 on top of stock v1.8 and ended up doing oem unlock. Now even if I flash the v1.8 along with preloader, still OEM unlock message is not going off of boot screen. Developer option shows OEM already unlocked. Can some one please suggest what I need to do If I want to the device back to its day 1 factory state ? With out loosing IMEI number.

Tried both WiWatch 2 and Gaofit but none of them worked with my Samsung phone in notifying a incoming call on my Samsung phone on Optimus 2 screen. One suggestion was to use Google Phone app, that does work with WiWatch 2 but then I will loose the automatic call recording option which comes with Samsung Stock ROM dialer.

If you want notifications about calls/messages, etc you can use Watch Droid on your phone and watch to do that, or if you have data you can use bridge to have the notification sent over, but nothing I know of will allow you to use the device like you would an andriod wear device to take calls over bluetooth.


You need to lock again the bootloader to dismiss that message. Relocking the bootloader in these devices need a -rather difficult to set up- tool as we don’t have volume buttons to confirm in fastboot that we want to lock again, so it must be ‘forced’ in service mode. This is a very technical procedure as you may end bricking your watch if done wrongly so I won’t discuss it more than I already did. We don’t encourage modifications or messing with the ROM structure since this is a newbies-mostly forum and we don’t want people go bricking their devices (More than it already happens lol)

If you somehow do it on your own, well, no need to worry about losing your IMEI if you follow the usual firmware flashing guide for MTK devices in download mode.

The best companion app is Watchdroid, you might want to check it

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There is no need to mess around trying to unlock the boot/preloader.
Just OEM unlock and fastboot flashing unlock should be fine.

I think he already unlocked the bootloader and want the 5 second message warn to be gone :sweat_smile: that just not possible by normal means

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forgot to update here, I flashed lk and that message is gone