Optimus 2 Official support Thread - Updated 26/06/21

The lack of the Accessibility Settings to change font and page size was a problem for me, as I am slowly doing a Set Up of my new Optimus 2. The best advice I got on it was “well then, use your Assistant to open Talkback and set it from there”. That solution does work and I was the best I could do to change the font size for a few hours of having this watch but I wanted a better solution. I went on to load the Button Mapper app so I could control the flashlight on my wrist and low and behold, right there in the settings menu of Button Mapper is the fuller version of our Accessibility Settings including Font size and Page size. So until I find a better real Android 10+ solution this works better than bugging my assistant for font size every time I need to try out a change. Maybe it could help you too and the perk is you can make your back button do anything you want. I do warn it does have adds but for me thats a small price to pay.

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If you want to adjust the font size this application works well.

Or here’s another app I’m using
Here you have more options with fine settings


Thanks I check it out. !

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Hi everybody, I wanted to know if it is possible to connect this watch to an external screen, I’m aware or scrcpy but I mean projecting a larger screen through wifi to an smart tv maybe

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I used to use this on A7.1.1

To set up watches on my Pc

Should still work


1.7 works with Google programs?

So far tested worked with:

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Google Fit
  3. google go
  4. google lens
  5. Gallery Go
  6. Google maps
  7. Spotify
  8. whatsapp call clear with speaker and Bluetooth earbuds.
    I use for fitness and works well for me.
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You can use you tube to screen share or other streaming apps…

It’s good to hear that you are having a good experience :+1:

The previous version was not so flexible with third party apps.

I have to say reading hours of blogs on this page and watching many smartwatch tricks videos did pay off, because this watch is amazing, last nigth I used scrcpy to play cod mobile with really good performance, I’m new so I can’t upload videos yet, but will do it later, I tried using “adb wm size 1920x1080” to try to get a bigger screen but the bigger it seems to get is 800x800 maybe somebody finds a way to make it render a bigger screen to get all the potential out of this :slight_smile:

Hi everybody, I wanted to share a interesting possibility with this watch that I have not seen posted before, with some apps (TaskBar and novaLauncher) I was able to get a full desktop experience from the watch, I feel it is my duty to get all the juice out of those 8 cores and 4gb of RAM, I may do a tutorial if people is interested.

Cod mobile and psp games run quite playable, this is also another way to step up from the single input limitation of the optimus 2 screen.

Looks good…
Have you noticed the device getting hot?
Ideal option would be to have the watch display off and enable dual display…

Just saying this because over the years, one of the main problems is heat which then degrades the lcd or the connection behind the panel.
The display was designed to be just for a watch face and some simple apps - for short bursts of time.

Having the screen on (and pushing the watch hard to do things it was not intended for) will likely cause components to fail.

Unlike mobile phones, the watch has almost no heat distribution facility. The area is very small for heat to escape.
Screen on for long periods of time and or using 4G cellular for extended periods can easily cause thermal shutdown or if unlucky - damage.

This is why it would be far better to enable a dual display setup so that the watch screen can be off while the other screen is on :+1:


You’re absolutely right. I have been repairing Chinese electronics for ten years. A common problem is that the heat distribution is undersized and the components used are regularly sized to an absolute limit. These operate at or often above the upper limit of the load capacity. Very often there is a brilliant electronic concept and a saving solution. I advise everyone not to push the boundaries of Chinese electronic devices, treat them gently and they will work well for a long time.


Yes @gyuri, thanks.

When these devices are designed, they are not considered for gaming or any other funky stuff.
They are designed to be watches.

If people try to turn them into gaming machines or bitcoin mining devices - good luck.
Just don’t expect them to last more than a few weeks when trying to use them for this kind of thing.

Consider this a friendly disclaimer


Thank you very much for the info on the sensibility of these devices to heat, the use of a secondary screen created with adb seems too much for the watch (slows down a lot), but I do turn the screen off and only use the computer screen, for me personally I think 8 cores and 4gb of ram are too much for just watching the time :stuck_out_tongue: , but I will adapt a Raspberry Pi fan case to lower the 70 Celsius it reaches , it does tends to get too hot when using it like a mini computer .

Bringing another topic, I just read the Apple Watch built in heart monitor uses a third of its battery, so I guess it consumes some on the optimus 2, maybe somebody knows how to turn it off? I tried stopping all the related services with no luck. (What I want is to turn off the green lights on the back until necessary)

I ve need to download last faw firmware of kospet optimus 2
where do I found it?

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A wase of time as the new version is due soon


The old version is not available. And the new version is not yet available


i am also eagerly waiting for the International release.

due to which i am not doing much on the watch.

Vishnu bhai…Quick Quick

No updates on any developments?

Drop a hint on expected date of release