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Thanks to pablo
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We are looking at it and will discuss it with the brands and Wiiteer…
I think it is quite likely that we will, just can’t confirm.


Yes merge it to insedere-gmbh
Dont know why - but the insedere account is very old - i dont remeber it in this new forum
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Mr Ticks review added to the top post :+1:

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one time more
thanks pablo
watch is running again.
do you know - how to manage the google apps?
Gmail works
Playstore works
but contacts not working
calender dont work too.
Do you have an how to?
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look trough this thread: Trouble Syncing Contacts with Google on Lem 12 Pro


Thank you. I just bought one. I hope you will. I’ll stay in touch if you need any feedback with this or Lem12 Pro.

LEMFO LEM14 has very bad heart rate monitor. It delivers the seemingly valid heart rate data also in the case if the watch is not on the hand. Does LEM15 work also in this way or it can recognize the “not on the hand” case? Thank you.

This question has been answered many times…
The heart rate sensor will activate randomly to update watch faces that use the information. Regardless of the watch face skin you are using.
The accuracy is important though and we are looking at it.

No, the LEM15 is not the same.

@Sergey @pablo11

I think Sergey is referring to the following: If we have LEM14 on a surface that does not emit pulses, when activating the heart rate sensor it will give us values, which, logically, are not valid. This behavior is different, for example, from Prime1, which, when not detecting a pulse, will say that there is a reading error, which makes more sense. However, once it is on the wrist, the LEM14 gives correct values and pretty much the same as the Prime and others, so you can’t say that the LEM14 has a bad heart rate monitor.
On the other hand, Pablo11 is referring, I think, to the random activation of the rear green light without the heart rate monitor being manually activated.

Thank you for your answer, but I am no sure, that it answers my question. Sorry for misunderstanding, but the question is not about faces and random activation of heart rate sensor. But yes, about it’s accuracy.
I am writing my custom app, that should periodically read the heart rate and send it to the server. Over Android API I get always the accuracy = 0 (the lowest one, that is not acceptable for most use cases). The heart rate itself seems to be more or less valid, but these “valid” values I get also if the watch just stays on the table, what doesn’t make any sense.
In the same way it works also in built-in app for heart rate measuring. The issue seems to be in the sensor itself, not in apps.
Therefore my question was, does LEM15 heart rate sensor work in the same manner? Or some hardware adjustments were done in comparison to LEM14, and the accuracy is not always zero now? You could verify that just starting build-in heart rate app and checking if it delivers some values if the watch is not on the hand.
Thank you again and sorry for my english.

@Alvaro28 Thank you, it is exactly what I meant. I want to get a reading error, not some heart rate values, if the watch is not on the wrist. Does LEM15 behave in this way or like LEM14?

Sorry, I don’t have the LEM15, so I don’t know it

I understand what you mean now and it is not really appropriate for this general support thread.
It is development related and I will create a new thread for you to discuss it.

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Is there a how to - to become notification time permanently - up to delete them manually.
In moment there are only google notifikations which stay longer.
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Almost perfect, the only defect is that is just IP67 and not IP68…

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Mr Smartwatchticks, on your Lem 15 video you said none of these watches have bluetooth tethering. My lem12pro have bluetooth tethering, I’m running FAW firmware. Works well with my Google Pixel 4a.

he probably meant bluetooth calling


Yes, correct @noidremained , no Bluetooth calling. They all have Bluetooth tethering. Sorry if I misspoke on the video.


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