Not getting text messages on Kospet Optimus 2

I just got a new Kospet Optimus 2. It’s a beautiful watch and I do get calendar notifications on it.

However a big problem is that I’m not getting text messages, despite reinstalling several times.

Is this a common problem? Any suggestions on how to resolve this?


Roger Harrison

You mean, you have a sim card in your watch, you can make a phone call, but not send or receive a text message ?

Thanks for your inquiry…

No, I mean that I’ve synced the watch with GaoFit and text messages to the phone don’t show up on the watch.

It’s clear that the watch is connected to GaoFit, as I do get Google Calendar alerts and notifications from my mileage tracking app on my phone. However no texts.

I’ve factory reset and re-synced several times with no joy. It’s really a pity because I like the watch, but text notifications are the primary reason for me to have a smart watch. If it can’t do that it’s a waste of $.

Best, Roger

Hi Roger . Personally i would forget Geofit and use watchdroid. We all use it . Its much more stable and better features .

There is a whole thread on this app on this forum