New smartwatch?

Guys, I wonder if there is an upcoming new smartwatch like app LLP max but with improved features.
Does anyone know a smartwatch with a large, square-shaped screen and full Android capabilities?

Happy upcoming New Year! I hope you all will have a fantastic year ahead.

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The answer is no.

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Ok (((
Guess again need to wait.

What about this? The PDG Watch

The VWAR Unicom square watch, PDG square watch and the PDG PG999 round watch are the only ones to me that seems to be relevant until now…

Sorry, but they are not…

In desperation i have bought a few of these unsuported watches lately. All poor i am afraid. Usually running android 8
Battery specs fake
No clockskin support unless you use UL ( and still not right )


Wow… Bad news.
I did already know about A8, but still seems to be some good software when you see it globally… Even keeping in mind that I’m using A9 actually with my LEMP/DM30.

G1N, could you be more specific about that? The pg999 is similar to the DM30/LEMP, despite is A8… I don’t know if the battery is less powerful than that FAW model, but I’ve seen several videos, and I have to say, the watch it’s not bad, not bad…

Well, the doc and I have been testing a few A8 watches recently that have come onto the market. The quality of the software was really terrible. As a rule, it wasn’t even possible to use individual dials. It worked partially with the universal launcher, but most of the sensor values were not available.
Overall, I haven’t tested any A8 watches recently that I could recommend.


I ordered Va9 pro wanna try different type of watches

Ok, you’ve been warned… But if you think it’s a good choice - go for it. Please note that there will be no support for this watch here.

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Does anybody know, if there will be an Android model with NFC support?

Maybe this will help you: link


Zeblaze Thor SQ versus PGD watch, any suggestion on these options?

I have both. 100% zeblaze. However we dont support either on this forum