New Rogbid King or LEMFO Lem10?

Hi everyone. I’m going to buy my first FAW, but I don’t know which is the best. I don’t want a round or huge watch above 2’'(like Ticwris Max S), so I’m looking for small square (rectanguar) watches only. A few days ago I saw Rogbid King watch on YT (link). It has 2/4 GB of ram, Android 9.1 and SC9832 CPU. But I have read that you don’t support A9 watches, right? I also like LEMFO Lem10 (DM20) (I mean old version of this watch, with Android 7, not DM20c with A9). I personally think that Lem10 is better, but I can’t find where to buy it (found some on AliExpress, but I’m not sure if it’s safe).


  1. Is Rogbid King good or trash?
  2. Do you know where I can buy Lemfo LEM10?
  3. Are there any other watches like these?
    Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The Rogbid and the DM20c are pretty much the same Android 9 OS and board as far as I know. Same SPRD SOC and everything.
We don’t have anything to do with either of them.
They are “unsupported” as far as we are concerned, and therefore not recommended.

I am hopeful that a decent follow up for the original LEM 10 will happen, but currently there is nothing worth talking about.

The FAW market is only just beginning to recover. New models are appearing slowly, but it has been very difficult after quite a few factories in Shenzhen closed down during the pandemic.


@mtwd I’m pretty sure that the LEM 10 is still available from the lemfo Aliexpress store. You have to make sure that it is the A7.1 model.


Here we go

£89.45 30%OFF | LEMFO LEM10 4G Smart Watch Men Phone Android 7.1 4GB+64GB Support GPS / WiFi / SIM card / Heart Rate Monitor Camera Smartwatch


I would like to add that the Lem 10 has always been one of my favorite watches. My current watch is just over 2 years old and still works flawlessly. I have a brand new one in the box as a backup when needed. As long as you understand what it is designed to do and use it for that purpose you will not be disappointed.


Thanks for all replies. I’m buying the Lem10 when some good promo codes appear on aliexpress :]


Try to get it from the lemfo Aliexpress store if you can.
Most of the other stores don’t give a crap about customer service. :+1:


Hello! I’ve seen both in your link and on other postings on AliExpress that there is a 4gb/64gb version of the lem10 selling. Originally, I saw it was only available in the 1gb/16gb and 3/32 versions (unless my memory is playing tricks on me). Is the 4/64 a legit version which appeared later?

They are both “legit”
The better one in my opinion is the MTK 3+32gb Android 7 version.

The other is Android 9 and is a Unisoc sprd SOC.
To be honest I don’t think much of the Android 9 solution, but it’s a matter of choice I suppose.
It might be difficult to find the MTK 3+32gb version now… Not sure.

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This confirms my fears :(. I was afraid that it was indeed the android 9 version, even if the photo in the aliexpress pages for some of the 4/64gb items is still of the dm20, not the dm20c (the version name i saw the android 9 one has).

I have a Lem 10, 7.1 Android OS, great watch. Just out of currosity I went to Ali-Express and found that the Android 7.1, 3G/32G was still available. I put it into my cart to verify.


Same here . I was going to order another one of this great watch :+1:

Has anyone looked into the Hazzler version? Claim is an upgraded battery.

I’ve given up on the FAW market for now after two horrible purchase experiences, but maybe others will have better results.

Only 1/16 and 3/32 are “legit” LEM10/DM20 with Android 7. The 4/64 version is different watch with Android 9, Unisoc soc and rounded screen corners (like lemfo z20). I don’t have that version so I can’t say if it is good or not.

@jonwz That version with bigger battery is probably a fake. Its too big capacity to fit in lem10 body.

The best option for now is classic LEM10 with 3/32. I bought mine here 3 months ago and it works perfectly.


So you are guessing it’s a fake? I chatted with the (obnoxious) salesman. Based on that convo, and what I’ve read about the thickness of the device at: Customer Questions & Answers

I think it probably is legit. Still not an acceptable device for me due to its low resolution.

What do you base your “it’s probably a fake” statement on?

I think he means the battery “1280” is probably fake. That is nearly 60% larger than the standard battery. I have had the back off my Lem 10 and there is no room to place a 60% larger battery, unless they have developed a new type battery which I doubt. Its also not unusual for these companies to fudge their stats to try and claim the market.

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Sorry, you both strike me as Dunning-Kruger posterboys. If you haven’t owned the device you really shouldn’t comment. The whole arena of full android watches is such a disappointment. It shouldn’t be so difficult to manufacture an android computer that fits on your wrist and doesn’t suck.

I can tell you this, @Jonathan_Bickel does have the original A7 LEM 10 and a quick check of the LEM10 official support thread will confirm that for you.
So does @Dr_Andy_Vishnu and @mtwd

A few facts about the DM20:

A factory produces the DM20, DM101 and the DM100. In fact any model that has the DM initials are all made by the same factory.
Any brand can purchase any of these models and sell them under their name.
Like lemfo or Rogbid etc etc…

The original DM20 was available in 1+16 or 3+32 configuration and was MTK SOC.

When that SOC became more expensive to use, the factory began to use the unisoc sprd SOC.

Sub models like DM20c and DM20a were then released. Running Android 9.1. However, they are still identified as a DM20. Usually the only way to see the sub version is by checking the firmware build.

They are not clones… Just different architecture on the board.

The Z20 is a different device altogether and made by a different source.

The battery size is most likely to be the same for all of them due form factor and requirements.

However, some brands and resellers choose to over exaggerate the specifications of the battery and also the camera.
This is well known as anyone who purchased the LEM14 or Rogbid Brave Pro will know…

So please take note of the feedback people are giving, they are trying to help you.



Has anyone here owned the Hassler DM20 variant? If not, go away.

What’s horrible is the FAW community. I bought a FAW Rogbid based on FAW reviews. It came with an app that pointed to this community for support. The device sucked, as does this community. ESAD all of you.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean?
We don’t support Rogbid at all?
In fact we have had serious problems with that brand.
Are you talking about the FAW YouTube channel.?

This is not us.
It is a channel that a guy opened up and on many videos I have had to comment that we don’t support these products he shows.

So please don’t assume that it is anything to do with us.
We do have a channel which is linked at the top of the forum here.

But this is not us.
It belongs to @Teebow