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I bought a lem t which arrived today and the sound from the speaker is really distorted and tinny, I have a lem4 pro and a dm98 and the sound from these are quite good even at a busy train station I can hold a conversation but I can harly hear/understand the caller even though they say they can hear me clearly, Is this a faulty phone or does you all have the same issue? I need to know soonish since I opened a dispute to return the phone

How good is the sound when watching a video?

Actually I just played a youtube clip and apart from not having any bass it doesnt sound too bad

Ok, please have a look if there is an update available. If yes, update and make a factory reset after.

It state that I have the latest version 1.4 19/09/19

A factory reset might solve your problem.

Ok did a factory reset and there is a slight improvement, compare to this morning when I unpacked it you couldnt even understand what the caller was saying, maybe I was expecting it to be as good as the 4pro

The sound of my LEM T is rather good, considering.

This one definitely have a fault, when you recieve/make a callyou can hardly hear the other person, I compared this with the lem4pro with the same music track and clarity and bass was much much better on the lem4pro, I dont normally listen to music without bluetooth but the main problem is phone calls, even at a busy train station or in a busy city I can still hold a conversation with the lem4pro but can just about hear the caller in a quiet room. I notice the mic and speaker port is on the same side on the lem t, I wonder if the noise cancelling circuit is faulty.

just to rule out a problem that is familiar from another model: does the sound of the speaker get better when the sim tray is open?

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I would have to uncrew it to see but cant see how it would make a difference since the sim insert is a very small slot and the sim cover screws are quite small but because they are next to the magnet its a barsteward to get the srews back in, It seems to be intermitent but dont know if its software or hardware fault. I could have tried reflashing the firmware but would have to find the current firmware and flashing software plus I have 3 days to send it back and dont want the seller to try and say its the firmware update that cause the problem. I just had a quick look and the sim insert and cover is on the opposite side to the speaker port, tried it with sim cover removed and it didnt make any difference but thanks for the suggestion any way

I ask because I want to rule out that the speaker is influenced by an overpressure in the device. That is the meaning of my question. If there is this problem with the LEMT, I would like to know that.

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The problem could just be with mine, I had a reply to a posting that said theirs sound was very good, apart from the crap sound its not a bad watch.

Also with the Kospet Optimus pro the problem concerned only a few devices. Thank you for testing it. You should ask the seller for another watch.

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I’m about to return it, was hoping to get another one but just seen mr tick mention the kospet prime with a similar battery time to the lem t at the same price, I dont really like round smart watches but need something that wont run out of juice in a day

My LEMT was the same, really quiet and tinny and distorted. If you press the bottom of the watch or pull on the strap gently does the sound change? There was a screw missing on my sim tray which was odd but I took it off and played audio. I also ran some speaker tools that empty water / moisture from the speaker. I screwed the Sim (one screw) back in and the difference is really noticeable. Before I tried this I had set to return the watch for a new one (Not repair as it’s only a day old which isn’t acceptable LEMFO sorry but it’s really not). I’m still on the fence whether to return the watch now that at least it’s louder and although sounds pretty awful (still muffled and tinny even for a watch) is at least functional. My LEMX sounds much better although 11 months although that’s ready for the bin with severe battery problems. I don’t want to send it back to China for repair and I wouldn’t like to deal with the Ebay seller again… Makes me nervous. Reading the issues with the back plate really makes me think could this be the end of my journey with LEMFO especially after a slightly confrontational conversation with them on facebook messenger. Thank goodness this forum exists :slight_smile:

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I’ve returned it for a new one but am not happy with thier service, They refused to refund postage cost and I will not get all my money back due to currency exchange rates so I will be short around $40. One of the members had suggesting removing the sim cover, I dont recall seeing any speaker tool on the watch, is this something fron the playstore? the funny part was I played a youtube clip and even though there was no bass the sound was better than on the phonecall. I reboot twice and the rebooting sound improved slightly but still not very loud. Since I took out a dispute I was asked to return it so I did, seems like we have a small sample of faulty/damaged watches so far, I bought this from the lemfo store on aliexpress, I’ve had the lem4 pro for nearly a year now and it has a crack screen, the band keeps falling off and the canvas is coming off it, every 2 month I have to remove the back cover to clean the pins since it will stop charging but if I could get android 7.7.1 on the 4 pro I would have anothe one, as a matter a fact I’m thiking of getting the kospet prime for the 7.7.1 and side camera, I expect the prime to give me the same battery life as the 4 pro since its more or less the same battery and screensize. I must admit in the short time I had the lem t I was impress with the screen, just the right size and weight and I could easily use it outdoors. pity about the sound but I have a suspicion that is a design fault having the mic and speaker next to each other, hmm actually thinking now that could be why playing a video the sound was a bit better than using the phone since the feedback circuitry wouldnt be in operation

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I hope you have more luck the second time around. I’m still on the fence with mine. Sound is loud now but sounds really poor at times. Like the volume is too loud when it isn’t. Hard to explain. But what I find odd is sound is worse in some scenario’s. Dropbox video and audio playback is terrible with video volumes bouncing. Audio sounds muffled even at low volumes. My game code sounded much better and less distorted as does youtube with the same audio tracks. None of it makes sense in my head. System sounds are the worst with tinny over modulated sounds that aren’t loud but sound like they are. I’ll give it a few more days… Everything else is lovely now on the watch and I think with tweaks will be fine although oddly I find performance far poorer than the LEMX which is again odd. I thought they were almost the same?

https:// www.dropbox. com/s/e524zujdds2jjai/LEMT_vs_LEMX.mp4?dl=0 I tried uploading the file but it was too big. I don’t want to post on youtube incase it’s an isolated issue. The sound is nice and loud but sounds terrible. When you first play a track for a split second it sound even worse. Other than new severe bluetooth disconnection issues and sound the watch seems great so far and I’ve upped the size of the text which for most things works a treat. :slight_smile:

Where did you buy the watch from. When bought via eBay and paid by PayPal, eBay can help.

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