New KW88 video up on all designer created watch faces! Thanks so much for

New KW88 video up on all designer created watch faces!

Thanks so much for your hard work everybody. I’ve jumped in to do a bit of historical mini overview and get folks excited about installing custom watch faces on their KingWear watches. So much is happening in such a little space of time, this is absolutely amazing.

By way of reference, the original unboxing video of the KW88 has over 60,000 views so far, and is well on its way to be the most watched video ever on the SWT channel. I can’t imagine where this new video might go, or who might join in, or what watch faces we will see in the future. Exciting times!

Thanks … you’re the best!
Small correction though… I’ve 7 apk installed on my KW88 . But that’s covered by you saying it’s in development ;-).
love your videos.

Wow, seven? Really? It didn’t mess up your stock watch faces? You have the same build number?

Build no 20160903 , with this build the date is gone but when following the tutorial right and not forget to rename everything inside layout and manifest etc they all show up. Forget one name correction and it messes up like you said.

Ps. Went and bought the Chronosurf wave… very nice watch app , worth every penny , but when going to settings there’s no way out of there since we don’t have a "go back " button and when pressing the button it takes you back out of the app. Informed its maker :wink:

@Martin_Nijhuis Trying a fix to exit from Cronosurf now…

@Kenneth_Tan The maker of Cronosurf > Toni< replied my mail and said there is a exit at the top left of settings …click at the top left space.
But if you go deeper in the sub-preferences it’s not there , so yes its a problem for kw88 owners.
I told him the swiping did nothing ( he has a build in swipe -exit) so he is aware and promised to come up with a solution.
Probably a exit button on all preference- screens.
The one exit option we have in this 1st settings screen is only seen if we make our screen small.
Long press button and choose small…
Oops …seeing his second mail …I remember having not replied to that one …doing so after typing this :wink:

@Martin_Nijhuis Fixed it Kennie style:

wow that’s good

All thanks to your amazing video, and of course the developer, I’m running this watchface…
missing/deleted image from Google+

I’ve installed the same setup on my IQI I2 and its done in a couple of minutes total. Most interaction during install is setting up the tasked command and configuring / fine tuning a few watchface and launcher settings. I’ll make a list of this later today.

Now we only need someone to build a watchface app.

Perhaps Toni has a template?

Well done @Kenneth_Tan

I could ask Tony but seeing the app it’s a closed system build around a well working watchtype. Cronosurf can do so much but it’s build around a specific design.
I wish we could have an engine as good as Cronosurf and the flexibility of Zooper.

A very positive feature of Cronosurf is that the watch has no lag if you start it. Even the stock watchface app has a horrible lag.

the downside of cronosurf is however on the kw88 when I have it paired to my s6 and it gives notification of say a mail or whatsapp message i’ve see the watch only giving a audio signal or even the notification shining through the chronosurf watch. Normally the standard watchface makes room for the notification .

@Kenneth_Tan Yesterday Toni joined our community so you can ask him here I guess

@Cronosurf_Watches this is him :wink:

I like that KW has put the developer names in the stock faces, A. Domingos is one I noticed

Hi guys, you made my day! Actually my night =)
I was having a really hard time trying to find a watchface widget that did not have that annoying lag. Every time the screen turns on, it usually takes more than 2 seconds to update the time. Useless!
Now, with the help of you guys (special thanks to @SmartWatch_Ticks , @Kenneth_Tan and @Cronosurf_Watches ) I’m much closer to the perfect UI.
I’ve made a very small video of how it’s working right now. If I have the time I’ll do a more complete video latter showing the tools I’m using to accomplish that.
But basically GMT for the gestures (needs root), Nova Launcher (set as main launcher), Tasker for automation and for the Music Player app (I’m doing a player with swipe commands for next, previous, volume up and down - Media Utilities plugin needed for that).
I set the Cronosurf as the Home. And with GMT I’ve set 3 gestures for when Cronosurf is open (GMT is extremely powerful, as you can set gestures per app). Swipe down opens the music player. Swipe to the right opens the Health app. And swipe to the left returns to Nova launcher, where one can customize with any kind of widgets or most used apps. Swipe up and down on the bottom, on the first time sends me to the first page of the launcher, and on the second time, shows Cronosurf.

Yes @Andrew_Somers ​, that’s the first and only design I’ve done for the D5 =)
They put my name there after I contacted them asking why they were using my design on their watch!
I’ve even offered to help them fix the watchface, hoping they would share the details of the engine, but they didn’t show any interest. I say fix, because if you look closely to my design running on the KW88, you will notice the lighten leds are not aligned. They definitely did not use layers as it was originally done. They probably put the led as a hand.

+Alessandro Domingos your design on a KW88 with leds?
Can you point me out were I can download it so I can test it on mine with new firmware?
Please tell me its a apk otherwise there’s no way we know how t test it , but it must be apk for you said your design on a kw88 :wink:

@Martin_Nijhuis ​, I designed it for the N1 D5 watchface engine, so It’s not an APK. Sorry!
KW somehow ported it to the KW88.
I don’t owe a KW88, but as I saw in some videos (including a few from our friend @SmartWatch_Ticks ​) it should be one of the original watchfaces that come with the watch.

@Alessandro_Domingos ok now I see …thanks for explaining