New Kospet Prime S Help

Hi Guys. Just got a Kospet Prime S and having some questions. How do I transfer watch faces from my phone to the watch? When I try to transfer a watch face from the GaoFit app I get this error on my watch. (Check network settings). Also how do I get to use my watch with internet connection? Thanks in advance.

There are various ways you can do this . A lot of people start with downloading clockskins to desktop . Connect watch to pc and drag and drop into clockskin folded then re-boot

Here is another method

Forget the Geoapp . Its not great

Try watchdroid instead . You will find a whole thread on this in this forum .

If you have a sim card installed you can activate a data connection by turning on the data toggle . Its the one in the middle ( same screen as wifi / bt etc ) on your watch


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you can connect to your router, you can put a sim card in it, or you can share the connection from your phone. It seems you also need an internet connection before you can use GaoFit to download faces. I would guess that the faces aren’t downloaded to the phone and transferred to the watch, but rather that the phone sends a message to the watch that this or that watchface should be downloaded and then the watch has to do the download itself.
So if you have already found some good watchfaces in the GaoFit app, just connect your watch to the internet and they should download just fine. Otherwise, you can look through the huge amount of watchfaces found here in the forum and use one of the methods described by Andy to get them onto your watch

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Hi. How do I share the connection with my phone? Thank you.

eihter by setting up a hotspot or through bluetooth

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BT doesnt work if I have it attached to my phone. Watch is kind of worthless if you have to go through all this just to get BT working the watch

i always download the watchfaces directly to the watch and unpack them with rar , then move the unzipped folder to clockskin and its done , no hassle with a pc or phone , you can also download on your phone and upload the clock zips to google drive to download onto your watch , only plus point on this way is you always have a copy of your watchfaces if needed

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Why cant I use the watch with BT connection like other smart watches like the Samsung watches? Is it that difficult to create a connection instead of going searching for 3rd party apps ? I spent 100 bucks and this watch is nothing but a paperweight

I don’t see your problem, but I would like to help you. Have you already tried to create a WLAN Hotspot on your phone and connect the watch via WLAN?
This should work.

I even plugged my sim card into and mobile connection doesnt work .

Have you restart the watch after inserting the SIM?
Where do you life?

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Yes. and now cant connect to my phone with the gaofit or wiifit etc… apps. :slight_smile:

hello to me as well when I entered the sim for the first time the internet did not go, obviously it was enough to enter the APN

Its a known fact that after installing a sim you need to reboot the way for mobile data to work

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Good morning I’m having a issue connecting my prime s to gaofit it will tather it won’t even connect via my phone settings I’ve done a reboot twice once when I receive the device at launch and earlier this week when I noticed it wasn’t staying connected after I erased everything and reinstalled gaofit mow it won’t connect at all please help me

you could try watchdroid and see if that works better for you