Clockskin Transfer update You may have not noticed that Clockskin Transfer was updated.

Clockskin Transfer update

You may have not noticed that Clockskin Transfer was updated. One of the new features is the ability to install clockskins directly from the watch, without using the PC or phone. Here’s a demo:


Hi Marco

I’m looking for a tool where it’s possible to control my watch externally.

For example; i want to connect my watch to my phone and control the watch with my phone.

Reasons: The screen of the watch is very small (my fingers are not)
The screen of my watch is round and some tools are not made for round screens.

Changing the settings on the watch or updating some apps would be much easier with a tool like this.

Do you know if there’s such a tool?
Or if you have some spare time… :wink:


@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp I know Vysor. It allows you to control the watch from the PC. From the phone, that’s another story. I’ve never tried anything like that. Maybe a tool such as LogMeIn would work???

Yes this already exist, it’s one of the first tool that we’ve talked about. Isn’t it Vysor or something ?

Controlling from the PC is fine too.
I’m going to look into Vysor.

It works! Really cool! Big thx!

Vysor and Team Viewer and logmein work.
I prefer Vysor stand alone app for Windows.

@Marco_Ferreira thanks mate.
This is great :+1::+1:

Can’t do that on my lem7, why?

Push bullet works well, let’s you use you phone to select and download to Pushbullet, watch then picks it up from pushbullet automaticly.

Just unzip to your ClockSkin folder.

I sent instructional to Mr Ticks some time ago, he posted to his site. Sorry Channel.

@alessio_bonito permissions probably.

@Antony_Gio I think that defeats the object of what @Marco_Ferreira is doing here. We know about Push Bullet but the focus of this thread is Marco’s app…

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@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 excelent workes realy well.


I’ve found a solution, thank you

Hello I am new here, this is really a nice helpful community. I am interested in the digital analog watch app shown in the video, can someone please help me where to find it? Or any similar ones? Really appreciate your help. Thanks!

Wrong place for this question! :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira I am a fan of your app and regularly use for Clockskin transfers over WiFi. Got to know that you have updated the same to support clokskin transfers straight from watch (thanks to @Dr_Andy_Vishnu for referring to it in one of his posts). Can you please provide the link?. If i go on Google Play it doesn’t open an updated version but detects my earlier version!.

Hi . Both apps are no longer supported by @Marco_Ferreira so there is no updated versions . Hopefully we will hear from him in the future but currently we no longer have contact with him

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Thanks for the info. Please suggest an alternative app, if you can.

I never use it to be honest . I either drag files from my desktop into clockskin folder when connected to pc


Download from forum into google drive . Open google drive on watch and download into watch then move file to clockskin folder and unzip .