New Kospet Prime Camera lens film cover?

Having some disappointment in the Kospet Prime camera I decided to look closely again (with tired old eyes :anguished: ) at the camera lens after seeing a video of a similar watch where it was pointed out that it had a very hard to see film over the camera lens which needed to be removed just like a new watch face has a film over it.

So does the Kospet have a film over the camera lens or does it just have a plastic easy to scratch lens rather than a glass lens ? :cry:
I tried with a pin like tool to remove what appeared to be a film over it after examining it with a magnifying glass. Unfortunately it is either a cheap plastic lens or a very hard to remove film. Right now my camera looks very scratched up around the edge. Fortunately I didn’t get scratches right over the center and pictures seem about the same quality.

The Prime does NOT have a protective film on the camera. The only watch some (not all!) Of which have been delivered with a protective film is the Genesis.
Please stop trying to remove something that isn’t there.


Thanks - as I thought. I had gotten to the point that I was frustrated enough with the low quality on this particular watch camera that I just decided to go for it even it it did some damage. While I seem to have avoided causing the picture quality to be any worse it looks scratched up around the edge now. I think I was giving myself more reason to save up for the Kospet Prime 2 which will apparently have a much higher quality camera :wink:

The lens quality of the Kospet Prime is unfortunately not ideal.
I made a comparison for the Prime and Optimus Pro which both uses the same camera sensor GC5025.

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