New Firmware won't Update

My Prime is still running The November 6 Firmware.OTA says I’m up to date.Am i missing something?

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Hello, I’m also runing version 1.5_B_20191106. Where can I find version 1.6 for manual flashing? On Kospet website, the only version available is 1.5 too


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Here you go:


Tried and tested eh :joy::joy:

I just used it a few hours ago. It works.:wink:

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Hello thank you :slight_smile:

Hello everybody. I want to know , how to install firmware 1.6B for kospet prime please ?

Do necessary to save data of my kospet prime before update ?

Thank’s for your answer.

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Hi . You can flash it . Watch this video

Dont do it unless you are ready and comfortable with this. The firmware is in the post above .

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Ok thank you for your answer