New Android SmartWatch Under $100- Lokmat Appllp 9

Actually this is the second lokmat 9 the first was 16gb but i also wanted the 4gb , just one mistake, it is 64gb and not 128gb as i wrote the lokmat 7 is 128gb, youll like the watch it is the first that i see so thin and light. Both i bought around 100USD which is very cheap. If the lokmat 9 had the same hardware as the 7 it would have been a great beautiful watch. I like your fantasies :blush: . Btw with the 4gb you have to be careful not all are A10 but A9 ive asked the seller to check in settings that it is A10 before purchasing.

Why not Android 9???

I have a LEMFO LEMP with Android 9 and it works perfectly well…

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Good if it works for you. I prefer the watches with the MTK chip because it’s almost impossible to hard brick them.

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On which cases you need to brick them? Block by operators?
By the way, my first LEMP, which had mentioned here some months ago by an operator block, never can undone it

You misunderstood me. Hard brick is the irreparable damage to the watch during the flash process. This is not something you need for anything.
However, the Android 9 Watches have a different chip that does not forgive every mistake.


Forget it man, never gonna do that with my watch :wink:
Everything on it it’s fine to me

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I think there is a misunderstanding in this thread.
There’s nothing wrong with Android 9 and we are fine with it. Not much difference to Android 10 to be honest.
What we have an issue with is a lot of very badly made A9 and A8 devices that are very cheap and hopeless…
These two Lokmat models are not bad and they are supportable. Like the LEM P and the Prime S.

There is a separate thread about the bad devices out there

Anyway, one thing that we do point out - even if they are good A9 devices - is that flashing firmware is not so easy and the unisoc sprd chipset is not as friendly as MTK chipsets. As @G1NT0N1C mentioned, MTK devices are just a whole lot easier to fix.

The user experience on both the types of watch is almost exactly the same.
So no, there is nothing wrong with Android 9 when it has been used properly.

One thing to note is that the api is getting old in Android 9 and even 10.
Many app developers are now leaving the older versions of Android behind and focusing on the new generation.
Just FYI.


Honestly, true but i just wish they did a better job with the lokmat 9 with A10, the chip in it is just bad , it is a beautiful watch and if battery life was more than a day most likely it was my main watch , it is the first that i can actually consider as women watch and accessories it with stuff😊.

***the first that can get beautiful ring bazels with DIAMONDS :heart_eyes:

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haha Sonia…please don’t relegate this watch to women only. :slight_smile:
my masculine ego is getting beaten up. :laughing:
dont worry…it does need to get thrashed around…ego’s cause soo many problems.

Ok, family was were shocked when I showed them my new APPLLP 9 which came yesterday (whoohoo). “It’s so big”.
They didn’t buy in when I said “this is one of the smaller full android watches”.

Let’s admin, a large watch on the wrist draws attention. I really wish I could get a smaller one. Even with my really poor eyesight.

A common age/life stage wants a bigger watch than the others of the same. I really doubt many corporate board members wear FAWs due to the size. I’ve got an over active “fit in with the crowd” complex and though my crowd is not boardrooms…it is older male family men most of whom do not wear really large watches.

I want the FAW for the power under the hood…I just dont need a fancy car.

So my watch came! :tada: 10 days from China via Walmart (which had a $8 2 year protection plan fulfilled buy Allstate go figure). Not promoting that method but it was quick, easy, and I could reliably sue Walmart if it did not come. :slight_smile:

1st thing, wifi, 2nd f-droid, 3rd droidVNC-NG - now from (xtight)vncviewer on my linux desktop, I can remote control my watch.
Now I can type on the watch keyboard using my mouse eliminating the issue of my fat fingers.

It’s cludgey as the PC keyboard does not type on the watch, nor cut/past work. Still seeing a scaled view of my watch with a mouse pointer which click works was awesome for typing usernames and passwords.
I had androidVNC running and working (barely) on my phone. Then it stopped. No route to host. I hate way google has done to android. TCP works with a “default gateway” or “default router”. Route -n works but shows I have no default gw. Aint my wifi AP as I know that sets one one…wait my tablet motherboard hacked with debian running dnsmasq works for all other wifi hosts…I think. Stay out of linux Android and we’d be better off. Just provide the gui and get out of the way of the OS. If I root and loose my life savings…thats why you have lawyers and eulas…wish the American public would take some responsibility for the actions they do…wish corps didnt own politicians…if wishes were fishes.

Ok, you didnt read this to hear my ranting…

So having my phone control my watch would be awesomely convenient for some of the more delicate tasks. If I dont drop the ball again, I’m going to work with androidVNC and droidVNC-NG to get a smooth polished setup.

Next step - SSHelper at SSHelper
This is a SSH/rsync server for Android. If I get this onto my watch, then I can ssh/scp/rsync from my desktop to my watch…not sideoad…sidebazooka!

Oh and of course, after that WATCHFACES!

Impressed what $117 buys.

ps - the battery SUCKS…While messing with it from my desktop, I take it off and plug it in.
someone needs to setup a thingverse area for custom made 3D printed FAW accessories.
I envision a thin underwatch shim that just routes the power leads out to the band and a band clip where I could attach a removeable tiny powerbank. A bank large enough to have the watch running and charge it to 100%. Since it’s detachable, You could carry a couple banks in the pocket and charge as needed. It will take design skill to make it not look ugly BUT there’s nothing electrically technical about this idea. If the setup didnt add too much thickness and didnt look too ugly on the band when empty…this could be useful.

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I also forgot about the limitations being imposed by Android 10+.
I think this is a good read: SSHelper
Especially bits like:
Digression — when I started programming in the mid-1970s, if I had been told about the present, I would have laughed in disbelief. In those times I was able to write a single application (Apple Writer, written in meticulously hand-coded assembly language) that ran worldwide on any number of identical computers (Apple IIs), all in exactly the same way. If a user from a small French village reported a bug, I knew every other installation would have the same bug, so a single code change would resolve the issue worldwide. It was a much simpler time.

In those days 32 kilobytes was a lot of memory, only the best Apple II machines had that much. When Tom Clancy wrote “Hunt for Red October” on Apple Writer (1984), each of his chapters had to fit into 24 kilobytes (my program used the remaining 8 kilobytes). Take a deep breath and say, “24 kilobytes.”

me again
I guess I should have contributed more to AstroidOS. Perhaps FAW becomes FLW then Anbox. Now how can I get 3 days battery with 8GB ram to run that stack…


Just a confirmation about SSHelper. It worked.
b???r@cerberus:~$ ssh -p 2222
SSHelper Version 13.2 Copyright 2018, P. Lutus
Default password is “admin” (recommend: change it)
b???r@’s password:
u0_a85@localhost:~$ uname -a
Linux localhost 4.9.188+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Oct 8 19:54:25 CST 2022 armv7l Android

I’ll quit spamming today…off to play with watchfaces.
THX for this site!