Network problem issue

I kept my indian sim card in the genisis watch .watch unable to register in 4g network it only register in 3g network or 2g…In mean while i can’t acces the call ( when i call to any one it shows replies cellular network not available ) Again i come back it shows the network…Again iam calling time it shows cellular network not available…
Plz help me with this issue

Mobile - 7989282506 ( Any one can call and assist me with this problem )

Other indian sim card users have reported this issue with this and other watches . We cannot assist with this . Contact your service provider . You may have to install apn etc manually

You already posted this same issue 3 days ago. If you followed our suggestions, there is nothing else to do. Its an issue with your provider or rules in your country.

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The same sim card i put in mobile it works fine but why not in the watch network side no issues are there i checked everything… u can help me some other thing from watch side …like any settings need to change in watch

We do not supply the network settings for the watches we support . Contact your providor

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Now another major probelm was started with my genisis watch i turned on power saving mode and adter some time i decided to go normal mode but it is not responding to go normal mode unable to switch off the watch screen stays only in power saving mode

@Pradeep_Reddy Long press the power button to force a reboot.
It will be fine after that

finally u got the solution or not bro my self also same issue i asked my network operator he said for both mobile and watch same Apn we are providing so we dont have any separate Apn settings

so i contact genisis watch tech guy he is also not helping with these solution

so i simply kept my watch in the same box and kept in locker because it no longer use for me without sim .

Sorry Bro but there is nothing further i can do to help you with your network

I think it is fairly well known according to various posts here in the forum that the imei numbers used by the Chinese watch manufacturers are not accepted in India.
Most people who have the issue have to find solutions on the internet to replace the watch imei with a working one from an old mobile phone that was working.
That is if Cell not working is your problem?
We cannot do anything about this problem because it is illegal for us to do so.
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The problem probably is blocked imei numbers, and there’s were 2 methods to solve it in mediatek chipset, using snwritetools and engineering mode. But since it’s illegal in most countries i will not explain it. Google it.

Things that’s i can tell you about the safest way to change the imei are using an old imei from an old dead phone. In my case i using my old nokia phone imei to it.