Indian sim not working in zeblaze thor 4 pro

Hi all. I received my thor 4 pro just yesterday and the first thing I tried was sim activation. I used Jio and Vodafone 4g Sims but none of them worked.shows “can’t connect right now try again later”. Is it a serious issue with the watch, a technical issue, a defect or needs some troubleshooting. I bought it from banggood so when I spoke to them about the issue the only solution they are giving me is to show it to local service shop and they will refund the repair cost but that will end it’s warranty and will be a hassle for me. Kindly help

Same problem happening to me also and have you now got solution for network issue??

Hi . Read this post

Hi @ronnniiitttt,
I too have purchased the same SW and m from India too. Tried jio and Voda SIM’s . For the first time it worked for Voda but later even after multiple attempts it is not connecting.

Have you received a solution for it?

Vodafone, Idea and Airtel sims are working fine just wait few minutes after inserting sim then try selecting network manually it will work or if not then do this few more time bcs my mine working fine after doing all this and also many people Zeblaze thor 4 pro is working with these sims.

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