MyRunning app Support Team - Please Read!

Hi everyone.
Many of you are probably very familiar with - and grateful for - the MyRunning app.
As most of you might realize the guys have their own support thread here in our Android Development section My Running app - support thread

Today I have recieved dome bad news - the Dev team for the app are having issues and may not be very easy to contact. The app may be discontinued :frowning:
Apps that work well on small round screens are not easy to find and very difficult to maintain.
We need them !!

I think it would be a lovely gesture if people could visit the thread and show their appreciation for this fantastic work.
Sometimes it’s great to recieve some positive feedback and can give a boost to the team.

Speaking on behalf of us all here in the team - we extremely sad about this announcement.
However - of course - we respect the decision.

Pop in and say hi to the guys if you have used this fantastic fitness app.
Pablo & the team.


It’s the only app that uses the built in heart rate sensor :weary:


Yes - it’s a sad time but as he says - not all is lost.


As I said - visit the thread and show your appreciation - it means a lot.


I have used MyRunning App for a week and it’s been great so far. The native app eats up the battery and unfortunately, I have not found any other alternative.

Did you manage to activate the heart rate monitor okay ?

Yes, after some fiddling with watch and in-app settings, did eventually get it to work. Found out (stupidly and a week later after getting the watch) that there’s an additional plastic film on the sensor. I’ll see if the reading is any different/more accurate.

I too have trouble with the HeartRateMonitor in MyRunningApp. Sensor access allowed in watch settings and build in sensor chosen in app settings. Sometimes my session will be with heart data but most times not. If I start the watch heart rate app first, it seems to increase the success rate, and same if I try to start a workout twice, then it will sometimes log heart rate on second workout.

Both background cleaner removed and full data access for the running app.

Watch is the Kospet Prime firmware 2.0

There is not much i can do with this as i have never had this issue at all . Apart from the usual , reset , delete app data etc , re-install and start again . But i’m sure you have tried this