My rollme s08 stopped working

After of more than one and a half year of very good functioning, suddenly my watch stopped working. It went blank and refused to start again. I tried recharging it again and reboot , but it seems that it was dead. What else can I do, if I can do something?

Even if the battery is empty, it should be possible to flash the firmware. It might help, as long it’s not a hardware problem.
You can find everything you need here:

-S08 Firmware thread

Use the “firmware update” option in the flashtool.

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Thanks for the respond. I will try.

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Here is a tutorial how to do it. It’s for another watch, but it will work for your watch, too:

Make sure that you are using the firmware I linked for you. Use “firmware update” in the flashtool instead of “download only”.

Thanks for the respond. I will try everything you suggest.