My LemT screen broke today. :(

I’ve been doing well with my LemT until today. I noticed the strap had come loose at the top and had clicked slightly out of place. The screen has broken in that it mostly displays a back light and not much else. Sometimes it’ll flicker white with horizontal bars like a bar code. The watch still boots, functions and plays sound as normal but there is no screen. The touch ability is a bit hit or miss but I did get it to play music (although couldn’t stop it) and it plays notification sounds when sent from my phone so it’s still talking to bluetooth (not sure about wifi).

It’s not even close to being a year old so really disappointed again with Lemfo quality. My Lemx didn’t last the year with battery issues (works fine other than the battery not lasting anywhere near a day) and now this. Such a shame as the watch had grown on me.

I’m not sure that the screen is realy dead. You might check that the screen is properly connected to the mainboard.


Thanks… I did wonder that. As my sight is really poor I’m going to ask a friend to have a look. The strap though is def broken and clicking out, not sure if that’s easily fixable.

Not so hard, but you’ll need a new backside.

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It’s only the one pin on the strap itself. Might be fixable somehow. Not sure I want to throw more money at this if Lemfo won’t help me out under warranty. Hopefully they will, fingers crossed. Would be nice if I had a Lemfo watch that lasted a year. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. will update how I get on :slight_smile:

Has anyone got any photo’s of how the screen connects. My friend said something about pins but he couldn’t get the screen to spring to life and it still displays bars across the screen. All suggestions welcome. Lemfo have said I have to “buy” all the parts even though the watch is only 9 months which is disappointing and I’m not sure if a company has to honour a device legally for a year. Same thing with my LEMX’s battery problem (lasting only 9 months). I really like these watches until they fail. Would be nice if one of them lasted a year.

Can someone point me in the right direction on this photo where the display is connected :slight_smile:

one of the connections is the one on the bottom right part, and I’m guessing the second one is the one in the middle on the top


Thanks. That’s what I thought at first but they don’t seem to influence the screen display. :slight_smile: Touch is fine as is back light. It’s just whatever send the screen data. Would be nice to pin point which part is going wrong. Disconnecting both the top middle and the bottom right doesn’t effect backlight or the screen.

Received mine yesterday in the post. Faulty screen on arrival. Looks like your picture. I’m not going to open it up though as waiting for a response from Lemfo Official Store on Aliexpress. See

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Yes, looks identical to my screen (perhaps a little brighter). I was asked to send it back with return tracking at my expense to China which will cost me a fortune and I’m sure it’ll take ages not to mention the trust that’s involved. From now on I won’t be buying any LEMFO products or any product of value from Ebay as you’re pretty much on your own if things go wrong. If any really techy people can show me how to remove the screen to check the ribbon that side please do I’d be very grateful as we’re not sure how to remove the screen to check the ribbon (down the right hand side).

Good luck, hope you get it replaced / fixed but I fear it will cost you. :frowning:

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I think this is correct based on watching videos on youtube. Can anyone confirm? Anyone know what the other ribbons are? Ive not opened mine so I assume they are all same design and panels etc.

I cant post pictures so based on your picture above…

                                          Battery            ????          Heart rate monitor
                                            ===                 ===                    ====



Hope that makes sense.

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Honestly I’m not sure. I think the bottom right one is for display data as is the chip on the far bottom right. But unplugging it doesn’t effect the screen as such but gives a bright flickery glow. I am curious if the other end (going down the bottom right to the display) of the ribbon is sealed to the screen or if it can be removed and perhaps knocked. Is the screen glued on to the board etc. I hate my eyes at times as if I didn’t have such poor vision I’d have had a go at it myself. :frowning:

Bottom right is the touchscreen, bottom left should be display.

That said, this issue looks more like a dead LCD…


That’s what I figured. So I think this one is destined for Lemfo heaven like the last one :frowning: So to be totally sure the gold / yellow (bottom right) is display and the black is touch or vice versa. Wish someone could draw on my photo above :slight_smile:

Ah yes… I see now the right hand yellow with chip is the touch control but the black ribbon at the bottom left going down into the screen carries backlight and screen data. How do you remove the screen (is it glued on). Could the ribbon be loose behind the screen or is it directly attached to the screen (not a ribbon). What’s interesting is if I gently rock the ribbon the lines on the screen are different… Anyone replaced a screen on one of these?


Im deliberately not opening mine as I received it faulty in the post from day one. Box was in perfect condition so not sure how it could get shock damage. Also, no signs of damage to actual watch screen or casing. I can only assume that possibly

1 - A cable has come loose inside that attaches the screen.
2 - The LCD has failed or has a factory fault
3 - other

Im waiting for a response from Lemfo Official Store from Aliexpress, but I know they have a public holiday in China at the moment until Monday.

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I’ve left it with a friend to see if he can remove the top bit and look under the hood to see if the lead has just worked loose. It could be that the screens have faults (I’m looking at you Samsung S7 Edge). I hope you get a good response. I emailed saying I’m not happy and I wasn’t willing to pay shipping both ways to cover a warranty. That and the time scales will be horrendous. Sadly I fear the company just doesn’t care about customers with a response of “OK” that was it. In other words tough, we have your money, go away. :frowning: So disappointment. Never again.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted and it then lasts the distance. Be very careful with the strap too they don’t last so well either. Such a shame… When I got the watch set up it was working really nicely.

Unfortunately, I had it. I couldn’t do anything. Bought new.

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