My LEM T won't boot into the OS only bootloop into TWRP

Hey guys. Lil issue. When I woke up this morning and went to put on my LEM T I noticed it was in twrp. So I reset it with the red button and bam I’m back in TWRP. Can anyone please help me fix this issue so I can go back to my normal watch please?

In any case, reflashing the firmware will help. Isn’t it possible to exit TWRP?

Nope. Every time I try to reboot to system it just reboots to twrp. Everything I do reboots to twrp. Could you possibly gimme a link for the standard lem t firmware so I can try flashing it. I have a 3gb version and am downloading sp flash tool now

I’ll have a look…

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I’ll give it a flash and see what happens. Cheers btw

And to make matters worse I now can’t turn it off to flash anything else. Please help. Isn’t there a tag inside I can pull to kill the battery ?

Uhhh I now have the white stripes

You can wait for the battery to discharge and then charge it. Another option is to disconnect the battery. Keep calm, we will save your watch.:wink:


Have you tried to press and hold both buttons to shut it down

you can also reboot when it is connected and ready to flash, then it should start flashing.
you can try flashing only the boot partition first and see if that helps

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yeah it just seems to reload. IE: I hold em both til it looks deaded then as soon as i put it on the puter it wakes up all white screen white striped

ok so the holding the buttons til sp starts doing its thang works fine.

BUT flashing just the boot has not fixed the white strips…

Should I maybe flash the ticwrist fw?

I don’t think this will help. But it’s worth a try.

So I’m trying to flash the ticwrist rom and it’s getting stuck at 2% then erroring.

Can somebody please just help me get this watch back to normal

(Should I flash on download only or firmware upgrade?)

From bad to worse, now its only accepting sytem flashes to 2 or 4 percent

Firmware Update.

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That’s what I have atm.

Please walk me through what to do next.

Honestly. It was my bday yesterday and everything that could have gone wrong did. This is just 2 day old Icing really. Without this I have no phone at all

I am afraid that there is a hardware problem. This triggered your original TWRP problem. And now the screen problem and the boot problem. I hope my guess is wrong. If I’m right, there is little hope for your watch.

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Try to Power off the watch. Then flash the lem t firmware again. I’ll check if there are different firmwares for different screen types. Maybe that is the problem.