Music player for kospet prime 2

Any1 can recomend music player for Kospet prime 2?Downloaded audify but player doesn’t show music controls like play forward or something like that

I’m happy with the stock one

Try Muzio Player from Apps10x it’s on google play

I use this

Maybe you know app which can do screenshot on watch?

I use Smart Touch Pro which allows multiple functions to be accessed from any screen, including screen shot. This is a picture of the actual screen showing the screen shot option.


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I end up using the amazon music app, it can play downloaded music.

smart touch pro is great for screen shots.

i also have PowerShade installed, this gives me a normal notification style panel and i can easily screen shot from there.

I use jet audio+ premium, has EQ, smart audiolevels, and DSP effects all using little battery


I use this too. Perfect for listening to music with good sound quality. Did you do aptx, aptx-hd bluetooth mode on Prime2?


Can I download it from play store?

Is it worth to buy pro version what do you think?

Yes. Not only because you don’t have to deal with the ads but your are supporting the developer so he can continue to update the app. Plus its just a good thing to do, everything in life is not free, someone pays for it.


This app got function like when you shake watch app icon appear?

Just bought pro version works pretty nice just got 1 problem tried to move icon disappeared and now I can’t make him appear

Try the square mode and it may be partially visible on the side of the screen. I always recommend users to install it on their phone also, so it is easier to see how to set it up and how it functions before setting it up on the watch.

It was square problem changed to rounded it appears
Bought pro version
This app so cool I was searching a way to minimise watch’s button usage to make button’s life longer so when u press on power shortcut it brings power menu mode it’s reallly helping a lot

Lock screen also works well to reduce button usage. I like that you can access it from any screen. You don’t have to go back to the watch-face to use it.

What about energy usage?