Music player for kospet prime 2

See can’t use music control

I use the jet audio+ with my shiny new galaxy buds pro :slight_smile: I have tried some high quality FLAC with it and set the audio engine for high qualilty as well. It’s great. The buds have adaptive “aptx” - type through a library addon to the samsung wear apk. I’d like to add I use the jetaudio+ via ADB sideload on old wearOS watch :stuck_out_tongue:


on the prime 2 I use Button Mapper to take screenshots by long pressing the back button


I’ve been using this one…admittedly only for a few days as yet…but it ticks all the boxes for me. I don’t need the ability to customise music on my watch (I have a few excellent programs on my computer to do all that!) All I want is to be able to play whatever music I like…with as little fuss as possible.
This app, as the name implies, is indeed simple…just plays music, no equalizers, no special effects, no Disco lights…just simply a music player.
It is free to use…and (Miracle of miracles!) it is completely add free!
Worth a look if all you are after is the ability to play your favorite music…free…and with no ads.
Cheers, Doons