More OTA issues... Your help needed please..! Hi all.

More OTA issues… Your help needed please…!
Hi all.
Recent OTA updates to seemingly all of the Finow watch range are causing various issues to the respective watches.
X5+, X3+, D5+, LEM5 and Q1, Q3+ watches have received an OTA very recently. Unfortunately it appears that the OTA causes a very serious problem with your google account. Most people report freezing of the play store app or the screen going black /blank when the play store is activated.
Please post your experience of this problem here along with any error messages or photos of the issue. I will use the results to help have the problem fixed.

Please add any other issues /evidence that you may have of other symptoms you may be experiencing after the last OTA for your watch.
eg, stats for any excessive battery drain. Basically anything that went wrong after the OTA.
This includes the regular X series of watches as well.
Any help would be appreciated.
Pablo 11

owner of x5+ and d+5 here, the playstore problem solved with instalation of google play service, but it just temporary fix

the problem i face in new frimware is lost/off data connection when the screen is off,

Same thing with me I have x5, I lost data connection when the screen is off.

Hi i am using lemfo lem5 recently i got a ota update after update my watch some times automaticaly disconected blutooth.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Ade_Chrismounthya_K there is an option in Power Saving settings to automaticaly disconnect on sleep.

@Ade_Chrismounthya_K why is this only a temporary fix? And any more detail would be great please.

Fresh new X3+ from GB, OTA updated and I cannot proceed into play store. I get a notification that a device “Android” has used my google account (via email, as configured), but the X3+ shows endless google throbber for minutes - and gets really warm.
Note that it will still drain your battery when pression home twice - be sure to kick it via recent app.
WiFi, no 3G.
Anyone knows a trustworthy source for Floating Launcher and Settings Serch App as .apk ?

It’s looking like the OTA has dropped duplicate google play store and services on the watches. So google will reject the watch. It has been noticed on a lot of the Finow watches.

Please let me know in this thread how you get on with it.

More news - the OTA may have removed your IMEI number. Please check in settings, about phone , status…

Hi i have the same problem with play doesnt working. I have signed to play before the last ota. Had to factory reset the watch (q1) and since than cant connect to play. Current version after format 161020-1476946246. Trying to update gets the system is already updated. What can i do the watch is usless without play store. Thanks for your help.

How do i know which google play services apk should i download?

have you checked your IMEI number ?

Checking the imei there is a number its not empty.

Hi Ade, do you mean just update google play services?

X3+ here… yes the OTA removed my IMEI, I had to root to restore it.
Anyone with the same problem can see my post on the proboard forum.

If i see a number in the imei is it ok? This isnt my issue? Sorry for the dumb questions im new to this.

I got the 9/22 update and playstore working with no issues. I wonder why the trouble? Guess I have a lucky watch. I did check the downloaded file and it has an md5 mismatch. The first 7/26 flashed fine in TWRP and then the second update 9/22 went thru stock recovery. I have the file if anyone wants to see what’s in it. I can’t get it to open on my PC.

@Edward_Henry ​ how did you obtain the Where is it stored after the OTA downloads it?

BTW, I still have the imei in both my watches (X5 & X5+). Seems to me that even the bugs are very inconsistent.

@Edward_Henry ​ x5+ or regular X5?
And yes I would like to have a look at it please.
I will add though that this may not be the problem update.
I really need the OTA from the recent X plus updates… But I’m interested in this one as well…