More faces for Ticwris max s etc etc

Hi there im requesting more faces to be made and uploaded for rectangular smart watches,the selection here is a lot less than we have for round watches

They tale a lot of time and effort . Why not try and design some yourself ? Al the tools you need are here on the forum


Yes im sure i would be great at it :crazy_face:

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Hi @Logan1 I remember thinking the very same thing when I first had a go at designing a watch face based on a Pocket watch I had…I was positive that I’d never be able to do it! But I didn’t count on the unending amount of help I got from other Forum members! (The good @Dr_Andy_Vishnu included) They didn’t make the face for me…but with all their help they made they made it possible for me to make the face myself…and to be honest I had a ball doing it. In any case if you do have a go at it, you can count on the very best in help from people who know watch face design backwards and forwards. Cheers, Doons

Oh and here is the result of my efforts (And all those who helped me!)