Kospet Lite Standard launcher "Seven Seas" watch face

G’day Folks, With the help of quite a few members here I have finally managed to complete my first watch face that I think is good enough to share with anyone who would like it. It is based on the Seven Seas pocket watch and is correct in the details of the ships “Watches” “Bells” etc. I had a ball getting it to the completed stage and I hope you like the finished face. Cheers, Doons
Here is the completed face…
and here is the down load link:-https://drive.google.com/file/d/17AsQ0-veY5QXBtHFfQqJ2eUBCVHiKSrG/view?usp=sharing

Many thanks to those who helped me get this far, including @Nicholas_Herczeg, @R_Sauvalle, @Dr_Andy_Vishnu and of course @Marco_Ferreira.

The credits for this original watch go to the Nautical Pocket Watch Company, now out of business.


The original watch is done by Elias Ingraham & Co., 1857–1958. You are right, they are out of business, so it’s not able to link to a manufacturer website! Nice first shot, thanks for sharing!:+1:

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Well done :+1: . Keep up the good work :wink:

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@G1NT0N1C Thanks for that info! The only information I had was the Nautical clock co…this is on the watch dial…but if it is anything like wrist watches there are usually one company who manufactures the movements and another company who manufactures the case, dials, etc. But in any case, I’ll certainly make a better effort to make sure the credit is correct as that is most important. @Dr_Andy_Vishnu Thanks for the “Thumbs up” Tim…the best thing about this first one is…they can only get better! :grin: Cheers, Doons


You made it! Very nice and very vintage. Like it!
Thanks for sharing

Great job, Doons! Any thoughts about “colorization”?

@doubledad Hi doubledad. Interesting that you should mention that because I was going over your design again today and looking at the background colorization! But the colours I have used are the same as the original watch. Except that I have made the hands blue rather than black. Actually, rather than alter the colours in any way I would prefer to do some more work on the hands. They are transparent as I wanted, but I will experiment with a more ornate design. As you can see, your tip about placing the text in each separate division paid off handsomely! Cheers, Doons

Could I get a copy of your watch dial?

Why not using the download link?

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Brilliant, one day that will be me posting watch face. Love it. Going on my prime

Dam it, the link isn’t working for me. Could you check the share permissions

@jmpishnery & @Simon_Jaffé-Noble G’Day guys! I have just recently built a new computer and I am still in the process of moving files to it, etc . I do still have this watch face and it looks like I will have to re upload it to google. Give me a day or 2 and it will be back up. I’ll give you a yell when it is. Cheers, Doons

By the way Guys, we usually say please when we are requesting a watch face on the Forum.


Ok @jmpishnery & @Simon_Jaffé-Noble , Thanks to the help of my good friend @vladimir_lutzu :+1: :+1: who sent this file to me…here is the up dated link to the face. Cheers, Doons


I could have sworn I said please, honest. But thank you so much

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No worries mate! :+1: You are more than welcome! But if it wasn’t for the help of @vladimir_lutzu this face would have been gone forever…but that is the way of this Forum…the members here go out of their way to help each other as much as they can. Glad you like the face. Cheers, Doons

Link at the top updated. Thx, @vladimir_lutzu!

What software did you use to create this face?


We have a whole thread on this . Well worth reading

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Doons, I miss your humor.

I would think that after having created no less than 6 faces for you (starting with Aussie time zones, continuing with characters from the Doonsberry comic strip, even one for “Admiral Doonsbury”), that it signaled a true affection and that you might forgive my well-meaning comment in the post that so angered you.

If my banishment is intended to be permanent, so be it, but I would like to re-enter the realm of Doonsbury…

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Hi @doubledad, I assure you that I hold no animosity towards you at all mate! It is not in my nature, if I have a disagreement or argument with someone, it is forgotten as soon as it is over. For 6 months of each year I work about 6 feet from my mate, day shift, afternoon shift, night shift…and quite a lot of those shifts are 12 hours… physically closer than most couples and believe me Doubledad we have some ding dong arguments! (And I have known this man for over 30 years)…but we let them go as fast as possible because we both know that it benefits no one to brood about what is in the past. So believe me when I say that you have not been “banished” (What a medieval term!)
I too enjoyed our exchanges and believe me when I say that I am deeply grateful to you for the kindness you have shown me in creating those faces you mentioned. But I had grown heartily tied that every time I commented on a UL watch face, some people began trying to convince me that I was all wrong and I should be using Universal Launcher. On quite a number of occasions I patiently explained that the first time I used it I was lucky to get my watch to boot up again (Indeed @Dr_Andy_Vishnu had to help me with that) But even when I explained what had happened, I was still told to persevere with it! So I had to make my position as plain and as forceful as possible…I didn’t enjoy doing it, but at least it stopped people trying to convince me to use it.
But to return to why I haven’t commented on your work lately…you make a great deal of faces for UL and I didn’t want a position to arise where I would comment on them, makes jokes about them and then have to deal with the “Doons, get UL, you fool” campaign all over again. Far better, I thought, to simply not comment and avoid any hassles. I see that @Joao_Nascimento (And what great faces he is turning out!) is being very supportive of your work, so I was sure that my previous input would not be missed and no harm done. So no need to feel that I am angry with you Doubledad. I am more than happy to comment on your work again Doubledad (Un Banish you as it were! :crazy_face: :laughing:) But I will be telling anyone who tries to get me to use UL, in no uncertain terms, to mind their own bloody business! Cheers, Doons