Max S FAW Android 10 Firmware Impression

Guys… I am ABSOLUTELY blown away with the FAW A10 rom for this watch. It literally is EVERYTHING this thing should be. ADB works. Screen DPI is the perfect size. Battery Life is AMAZING. NO BLOAT. Fully Optimized and totally STUNNING! I can’t begin to thank everyone here for their support and the help they gave me on my journey to the perfect watch. Nova Works and can be set as the default home. Nav Bar app functions. All my paid apps sync their purchases on first boot. Wavelet Eq’s perfectly. Bluetooth is LOUD and clear. The work these guys have put in to make this hardware EXACTLY how it should have been when you purchased it is amazing. I can fully support anyone installing this… It’s so easy compared to other flashes I have done. This thing does not even need root… I can say if you can use sp flash tools and follow instructions to put the work in. Get your trust level 2 and flash this rom. You wont need anything else but to set it up. Plex plays all my movies and tv shows loud and super smooth. Play store is perfect. the only con I can say I have is that this thing don’t have a 10000mah battery to last a week on a charge but hey we can all dream. Thanks again guys!!! I literally couldn’t be happier with my experience. 4g works great on an AT&T Sim and I can assume an any AT&T mvno like straight-talk or red pocket should work also. These companies should take notes and hire you guys to fix their mistakes. I can only imagine what the LEM16 would be like with FAW powering it. Now enough talking I gotta go charge my watch back up. :-))


Totally agree . Awesome watch with A10


what!!! i can buy an Max s and upgrade it to android 10 ??? WOW…How do i get to trust level 2? and i have never flashed a watch before ,is there somewhere or a Tutorial i could learn how?the only reason i never purchased the Max s is because it was on A 7.1

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Seriously, if you start reading this forum, you’ll get all your responses and be level 2 in a few days.


I do read the forum,i read all threads ive found whcih concern me ie…android 11 lem16…and now just noticed about the max s…are you suggesting i read everything on the forum even stuff that doesnt concern me or is dont understand which i 99% of it?

i had a message from the discobot and i cant even get that to work and dont understand it…

Maybe this will help:
As @ G1NTON1C said,

Trust Level 2 – Member

Members keep coming back to your community over a series of weeks; they have not only read, but actively participated long and consistently enough to be trusted with full citizenship.

Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
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  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
  • Entering at least 20 topics
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  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

how do i find out whats left for me to do,becauce surely i must of done all this already or close to

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i dont even understand the difference between a topic and a post,is a post a comment in a topic?


If you click on your icon, you will reach your personal page where you will be able to see all your activity in the forum




Great you’re already level 2!


oh rite lol

Yeah it’s easy to miss the notification where you get promoted if you not watching for it lol. But yeah seriously you need to search on the forums and read up on how EXACTLY to operate spflash tools and what firmware to flash in order to not brick your new watch or lose your IMEI and wireless radio addresses when you flash because common mistakes can do that. Otherwise once you flash the dm101 FAW Firmware you will love it. And if you have any questions the guys will be right here to help. Start in the FAW Firmware category.
Edit and the main backup plan you need is to make sure u have the firmware and tools to correctly flash back to stock if anything were to go wrong.


Just ordered my Ticwris Max s ,when i receive it i will be trying to upgrade firmware to android 10 FAW version…will possibly need some help guys lol…i will keep you posted, in the meantime i will try to read as much as possible for doing it, and some youtube videos from Hovatek…

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one quick question…my PC i will be using only has USB-C and i assume the watch has normal USB to the watch cradle/charger,will it be safe to use a usb-c to usb adapter when i am flashing?

I can not confirm or deny that would work as I have not tried it. It is a general rule as to use a usb 2.0 connection when messing with any flashing or adb commands but in theory it should work fine. Just use a quality usb 3.0 usb-c to a adapter and turn on usb debugging in your dev settings on the watch and run some basic adb device commands like adb devices from the command prompt of your adb installation on your hard drive and approve the rsa connection and confirm it sees it as “connected” before you try to run any sp-flash tools actions on it. Let me know what u find out.

i understood up to the part where you started to mention adb installation commands and rsa connection,im new to all this, and all that what you said is gobbledygook to me ,i have no idea what you are talking about…i have transfered watch faces from my pc to my lem 16 watch using a 3.0 usb-c adapter to USB and that worked fine, and the watch shows up on my PC saying ,lem 16 like a sd card would ,so i assumed it would just be the same when i flash the ticwris max s with the sp tool,drivers,and firmware…am i seriously missing something here???@pablo11,obviously i know the first steps are to extract the files and load the scatter file in the sp tool, choose download then upgrade firmware etc etc then attach the watch charger cradle then switch off the watch and place it there and i assumed it would then flash…am i now understanding you have to do certain things before hand on the watch because im using a usb-c to usb adapter,or do you have to enable things on the watch first anyway???

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You must install the MTK drivers on your pc or it will do nothing.
Watch must be powered off.
Load the scatter file and the firmware in the flash tool.
Click on “firmware upgrade” option in the flash tool.
Click on start flash icon.
Connect watch to the pc and flashing will begin.

If you have any doubts - Stop!!
Go to the Hovatek website and watch the video tutorials for using the MTK flash tool.


@pablo11 the MTK drivers are what come in the tools google drive file is that correct?and do i load the firmware where it says download agent in the flashtool

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