Made another modification to a Opulence Black Ops.

Made another modification to a Opulence Black Ops. This time using a clock skin that included animations and better looking date, weather and battery. If you want different colored text and date, just let me know.
Fixed version. 30/6/16

This was made using assets from @Frank_Dufaux (Opulence Watch Face) I’m sorry if any confusion has occured. I did not make these assets, only arranged them accordingly.



Everytime I load it it only shows date and battery

All the images are there in the folder?
I can’t really help debug any of my themes until my own watch arrives.

Ya I load these up and all that shows up on watch is spinning wheels with date weather and battery

But the original ones u posted worked

They are based on a different watch skin. I’ll see what I can do

This is the unmodified cyan version. Please tell me if this works and I’ll compare my versions.

Congrats guys, you’re discovering one of the issues with the clock engine that differs on non W806/812/815 platforms (namely the Q1 and D6). The problem is the engine’s inability to recognize image files that begin with a dot. Try renaming all the images (you need to turn on seeing invisible files on your computer if you’re saying, “what images?”), and change the reference name to match in the clock_skin.xml file. That should get back the missing images. Then you have to look at layering. Something’s not working there as well, but I haven’t figured it out. Please share when you do! Good you’re getting a D6 @Inceptual_Games , as you’ll see this issue up close and personal!

Smart watch ticks u the man… ain’t tried yet but thx for the info

Thank you so much for that Tidbit @SmartWatch_Ticks will definitely come in handy.

Incept are u gonna try his way and repost??

Yes, I will do this as soon as possible.

No rush my man appreciate the hard work all u guys do

@SmartWatch_Ticks nice work SWT. As I said before - please link in your You Tube vids in the right places. It would be great for the people here :slight_smile: I guess you probably have done most already. So busy lately I haven’t had the chance to check lol

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Will do! and Yes, I weave them in from time to time as they appear to fit. Speaking of fit, I’d like to burn a private video for this community (I’d only share the link here and not over on SWT) that shows all the harvested clock skins that don’t play well on the D6/Q1 watches but work fine on the others. It would be for watch developer use and include a ZIP file of all the errant skins so those interested could look at the files and XML and see what went wrong. Would that be an OK thing to do? It’s kinda the D6/Q1 thing, but it’s more about changes in the clock engine going forward for developers.

I think it has a place of relevance in the watch face area. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm I thought for sure that the hands were already transparent, at least 90% but I’ll check out your modifications for sure :slight_smile:

@SmartWatch_Ticks I’d love such a video. I’m sure there are some features hidden the engine we have yet to discover.

Have you seen Loki’s documentation for the face engine? It’s here in the community

hello … I wanted to know how to install the background on my watch?