Macrotool with Gesture APP

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Dear nice people.

Nice Topics, Thx.
I use Macrotool with “Edge Gestures”.
Macrotool: (“Automate” , “MacroDroid” , " Tasker" etc )
You can click corner of round display without changing to square mode by using Touch Click Emulation of macrotool. Its easer than “Triple tap to zoom”. Well, I wanna say, Macrotool is useful for gestures . Im apologize about my poor English.



Your english is fine! Thanks for this useful post!:handshake:

THX for your comment. @G1NT0N1C

It’s mistake of mine, I wanted to reply to topic, not create new topic, umm…

By the way, I made the video what I do. Its important that everyone can improve gesture or something by themselves in Full Android Watch!


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Does it work on PRIME2? Unable to set.
I installed all three programs.
Touch_click.flo imported.
In a popup widget, all five buttons are set.
What’s next?

Hi, nice person @gyuri . Thx for your question.

I have Prime2 too, and can do this method.
I guess your question is HOW TO SET the POP UP widget to “Edge Gestures” isn’t it? (on my description of No.3)

  1. Please Open “Edge Gestures”.
  2. Choice the “Bottom Edge” or where you want set place.
  3. “Swipe to Up” , its eg.
  4. “POP UP Widget” , Its not in “Application”! Direct Shortcut, Its exist under area of the dialog.
  5. POP UP Widget will be opened, click right upper button.
  6. Check the box of flows, you want set.
  7. Click again right upper button. and click “yes”.
  8. Swipe from bottom edge, you can call out POP UP Widget with Automate flow widget.
  9. Please long click the icon. You can change the position and size of widget. Please adjust.

I will make setting video about this later, but I use Non-English language, so Its hard to see…


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it works! Thanks

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Hi, @gyuri and everyone.

I made the video of setting.
How to set the POP UP Widget to Edge Gestures.
I’m glad if you can use it as a reference.

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