A Great Gestures Application

Hey guys i wanted to share a gestures application ive been using for a long time. If there is one thing i realized is that i should do my level best to make sure to use the buttons as less as possible as they arent of the best quality and lose their click pretty fast. Smartwatch Ticks recommends using Floating Toucher which IS a good app but i dont like the circle. So i went digging and found that Fluid Navigation Gestures on the play store works like a charm.

A quick swipe from the bottom goes home
A long swipe from the bottom goes to recent applications

A quick swipe from the right side opens the notification bar for brightness
A long swipe from the right side opens power settings which means that u dont have to press and hold the power button for it anymore

And left one is default swipe so none

Of course the swipes can be fully customised i just set mine like that.

Best of all it isnt a battery drainer. So download Fluid gestures navigation from the play store and give it a shot.I promise it will be amazing.You do have to tweak thing like sensitivity to max,actions set to 1 and also when you zoom out the gestures wont work when u swipe the edge of the watch.You need to swipe the edge of the square screen if you zoom out.

So bottom line u will never need to use ur buttons again which will prolong the life of the buttons.


ive used fluid navigation gestures app for over 2 years on my phone, works great.

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Another way I have found to get to the power button you can add it to smart touch app


oh thats handy as well

Which exact Smart Touch app is this ?

Just a suggestion but I would install it on your phone first and figure out how it works and it will be a lot easier to set up on your watch.


Very good idea anytime testing a new app. Sometimes it’s hard to see all the settings on the small screen.