LTE NFC and IP68 rating

I am looking for a 100% stand alone smartwatch with LTE and NFC…also IP68 rating…

Then you will have to wait…


What am. I waiting for? Are you saying that a watch like that does not exist?

Currently not, for NFC there are some technical obstacles that prevents the usage of it.

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Thank you none…Is this an issue with Android software 7? Will the upcoming Android 10 possibly allow for NFC?

It seems like a possible addition for future devices.
As far as i can tell, no android 7 device has the needed NFC antenna.

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@none is right, there isn’t a single android 7 device with NFC antenna.
It is likely that A10 devices with NFC will appear soon. I know that at least one Brand is planing with NFC. However, it’s just as likely that banking apps won’t work on it…

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I have two smartwatches…The Kospet Prime and The Samsung Galaxy watch. The galaxy has NFC. Very nice to pull up to a gas pump or a grocery store and pay with my watch. I want to get a 100% stand alone watch with it. The Galaxy watch is dependent on. the phone for downloads.

We had exactly the same conversation 6 months ago…

Good I am glad you remember. Times passes and updates happen.

Ticwach Pro LTE. Not just Android, but Android Wear…