LT10 Android 9.1 Smart Watch

Hello everyone, I am following this android smartwatch “LT10 Android 9.1 Smart Watch” that I would like to buy, it seems very interesting to me, on the Chinese platforms I have seen that there are several manufacturers but given the previous experience I would not like to choose well … someone can you tell me where to buy it to get a good service and product warranty?

I would advise against buying a watch with Android 9. In addition, this brand is not supported by us.

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Kospet prime s also seems to be interesting and is a 9.1, so what do you recommend? thank you

There are better Kospet watches… I would advise against buying a watch with Android 9.

Which android smartwatch do you recommend and which parent company ? Thank you very much

Kospet: Optimus 2, Prime, PrimeSE
Lemfo: lem12pro, lem15
Lokmat: AAPLLP
My favorite is Kospet Prime2, but this watch is huge and not for everyone.

Personally I reckon the Lokmat APPLLP 4 or the LEM15 (same device from two brands) is probably the best value for money and looks great.
Has removable straps and ceramic front and back.
Runs Android 10.
The battery life is good as well.

If you prefer square style then the DM101 (Kospet Note or Ticwris Max S) is extremely good. Cannot remove the straps.
It’s Android 7.1.1 but will be available with Android 10 as well.

These are just my opinions of course.

the initials Z36 at the lowest price which is the same product as the LEM15 and the Lokmat APPLLP 4 can you confirm me? Could you tell me which is the reference factory in China? I would be grateful for your help. thank you

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Can you clarify A10 release date/availability for the watches mentioned:

“If you prefer square style then the DM101…It’s Android 7.1.1 but will be available with Android 10 as well.”

UPDATE: Never mind…found it

You might read this post:

-DM101 Kospet Note & Ticwris MAX-S FAW firmware

As you see it’s available now.

Just found and downloading…thx

Not exactly clear that 1.9 is A10…in OP end of thread is mentioned…

Maybe, add a headline that makes 1.9 more obvious.

It’s because it’s not an official release.
It’s some stuff done last year but was never used.
So I will not be giving it a “number” as such…
It’s near the bottom of the the MAX S /Note firmware thread.
V1.9 is not Android 10.
The Android 10 version is down near the end of the thread and should be looking like this

This is the stock Chinese solution provider firmware.

The FAW version, made in a joint project between the Chinese solution provider and us - is in the download section.
The support thread is in the FAW firmware section.