Loko 2 Help Please

Hello, I bought a lokmat appllp 3, but I can’t download the app to connect with my android device, because it says it’s invalid, has anyone experienced this? Have any solution?

Hi. As this watch is using A7.1.1 why not use watchdroid instead . Its much better than wiiwatch . We have a whole thread on this . Install on watch and android phone :+1:


I really liked the app, congratulations! But I can’t see the borders, just like in other apps too, can I change the window style to square? :smiley:

I’m confused. The app intended for the watch is for the round screen. the 2nd app is for the smartphone. Did you perhaps mix up the two apps?

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Press and hold the power button and switch to square mode in menu


Thank you so much, it saved my life, I already regretted having bought this model, I thought it was Android 7’s fault, now I’m madly happy with my amoled screen. Can I increase the font size? I installed Launcher Nova, my watch is so cute!

Its the first time i have saved someones life :sweat_smile:

Here you go for Nova

Download it to your pc , connect watch to pc , drag it into the downloads folder on watch . In watch menu find downloads folder and tap on it. It will install

Font size can be adjusted in settings



I was also confused, but I managed to change it, unfortunately now the film is getting in the way of accessing the edge corner, but it is 99% accessible.

Installed. Too bad I only found the option to change the icon font, but not the system font. Soon Andy is going to have nightmares about being so angry with me! :woman_facepalming: