LOKMAT New APPLLP PRO Android Smart Watch

Just inquiring this community if anyone has had any wrist time with this LOKMAT APPLLP PRO Android Smart Watchsmart? In reviewing the specs, I like the longer battery life and the large 2" display. But do not know if one can design your own watch faces, install Android apps, etc. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy W5P and a Lokmat Appllp 4 A11. How well is this 2" screen size version built and useable? Any and all observations welcomed. Thank you!

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My daily use phone is the lokmat APPLLP 4 pro (A11).

Is this the watch you are enquiring about?

If so, there is a complete thread about this watch available here in the forum. Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

My experience is favourable, with a regular 2 day battery life with light use. The additional battery pack charges to about 60% as a backup if you are away from power and need a top up.

Plenty of watch faces available and potential to design your own with the WFD sortware available from the forum too. (Needs java runtime environment on your computer).

It may help to post a picture of the watch you are researching, incase I am mistaken with your initial description.

All the best with your choice.

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@cjpitsch The two inch screen square watch?
Looks like the LEM T?
Or the round one that looks like a Prime 2?

is this the watch you are asking about?

It looks like the same specs as a Prime 2 without the flip camera. It runs android 10. you would be able to load different watch faces from the included app or downloaded from here on the site. It should run android apps from the play store. like with all the other round watches, some apps will need you to switch to square mode to get all the buttons. Search this forum. there used to be a section where people could list round screen friendly apps.


I have this watch and its truly terrible. Fake specs as we know. Data transfer doesnt work . Battery life rubbish , the list goes on and on


Thanks for sharing your experience, @Dr_Andy_Vishnu . I don’t have this watch. I almost bought it back then, I’m very glad that you were quicker and could warn me. :sweat_smile::beers:


It reminds me of the early Zeblaze experiences :grin:


I believe he talking about the 2" rectangular watch which is unsupported and unfortunately rubbish.
Is this it @cjpitsch?

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This is exactly the same as this, just rebranded to sell stock because it was so embarrassingly bad:


Thx for everyone’s feedback. The LokMat branding obviously comes in (too) many versions. I thought the LOKMAT APPLLP PRO Smart Watch with 2.02 inch watch face was interesting but sounds like it has terrible performance. I have the LokMat APPLP 4 Pro with a slightly smaller 1.6" screen. Somewhat happy with it but was just looking for a good performer with a larger display, round or square. Thx again…


Thx, yes this is the one I was inquiring on.

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That only has a 1.6" screen.
The rest is a black border around the bezel under the glass.
I think @Dr_Andy_Vishnu will know more about it.
It is the same as the Panda Pro etc etc…
As mentioned above. :+1:

Correct . The screen is 1.6 inch with terrible performance .

And dont for a second go diving with it



FWIW I’ve had this watch for about a week and have taken it swimming about 3 times without an issue.

You are very lucky then.
Most people have not been so lucky and it’s one of the many reasons why we don’t support this model.


I realize that. I’ve read the thread before buying it. I figured it was cheap enough that I’d give it a shot.

there’s a lot of summer left. If it finally breaks then 'll certainly let you all know.

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Yep, no worries :+1: