I’m looking at all of them, trying to spot the difference, but I can’t find it. Does anyone know any better? Who is the source of this anyway? Given that Z40 appears to be present everywhere, is this in core a Huawei product? Just curious, are there even more versions of this? I know about KOSPET, but not the same product.


The Huawei z40 isn’t a fullandroid watch.

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Well, it has Android 11 installed, same hardware and the same marketing material as others. What makes a “full android watch” then if I wanted to avoid a non-full-android-watch?

Ok, I just did a little research. I just discovered the watch you seem to be talking about. I confess that I’m confused: All watches that Huawei offers for the European market use Wear OS or Harmony OS. I’m seeing the Z40 for the first time today. I’ll try to find out a little more about it.
But it seems as if my statement on this was premature. I would like to apologize for this. I’m trying to find out more.

It looks like the Lemfo LEM16…

Thank you, I’m glad we worked this out. For more info and what I also find weird about this Z40 is that

  • it seems to be the first and only FAW I’ve ever seen from Huawei,
  • I can only find it on aliexpress,
  • though the seller seems legit, and
  • all the other models seem to be rebranded from Z40 with the original name only visible in the name of firmware version according to Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

Well, what I can say right now is this: Huawei didn’t design or manufacture this watch. They just bought it and sell it under the Huawei label.

Is it known who did, or who did which part? From what I am gathering around I feel like a few companies designed each their own part and then decided to sell the end product with slight variations in components with the same base specifications (e.g. different cameras or screens, but with same resolution). It would be nice to know more about what we’re buying/using and you guys seem to have known about this product even before it came out?

I’m sure that it’s identical with Lemfo LEM16 and Lokmat appllp 4 pro.

The Lokmat and the lemfo brands each have their own slightly different cosmetic looks but they are the same as this unbranded one.
The board is exactly the same.
The firmware is the same, apart from a few custom icons and that’s all.

They are all the Z40 watch under the covers.

The way it works is a solution provider makes the board and firmware - a dozen sample motherboards.
They will then approach brands to see if they are interested in it.
Then one factory is chosen to produce the product, usually by the brands and the solution provider together.
This factory manufactures the same watch for Lemfo and Lokmat - wholesale quantities.
If it has no brand name then it is usually an agent for the factory selling it.

Sometimes two factories will produce the same board. Usually this only happens if a brand has its own factory.

Different factories build and sell different designs/solutions.
Your other watch which is unsupported, is built by a totally different factory and designed by an unsupported solution provider - for example. The reason they are unsupported is usually because they have no intention of providing customer support and no access to firmware, or the product is just so bad that we don’t want anything to do with it.

Yes, quite often we know about these things in advance because I collaborate with the man solution provider as an unpaid project consultant.
This helps us to get better devices to be built and provide good customer support.
We also have a relationship with several brands who send us samples and in return, we provide support to their customers outside of China.

I hope this makes sense.

PS as @G1NT0N1C said, Huawei does not sell or make the Z40. If you see anything that says they do - it’s just false advertising.
Always best to do some checking before buying these products :+1:



There is no difference between the 3 Z40 models you have seen.
Probably the best value for money is the unbranded one.
I have the latest firmware for it, even if you don’t get an OTA notification :+1:

He actually changed his mind after looking at the specs on the page above. I’ll see if I can already change the post to include whole links instead of product id’s so that they’re clickable (I couldn’t post more than one link as a new member).

Otherwise, thank you for a great explanation. I am now really curious as to what I would get if I ordered whatever Huawei is advertising there. But, given that I already have APPLLP 2 PRO AND LEM16, I think that’s more than enough for me :smiley:

There were 3 in another post which I couldn’t edit to add the 4th one before it was approved, so I made this post with 4 (deleted the old post since), which I later again expanded to 5 at the moment. I may add even more if I find anything.

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Well, the only two matches for a HUAWEI Z40 watch are on Aliexpress. Nowhere else. I have already bought “original” Apple smartphones from Aliexpress that ran an Android operating system…
So I’m still not sure that Huawei knows they’re selling this watch…


As I said - false advertising is a “thing”.
Using a well known brand name without the brand’s knowledge to shift stock is nothing new on Aliexpress :slight_smile:

And just to reiterate - all of these are made by the same factory and they are all the same watch.
Regardless of the advertising and ridiculous specifications like:

Android Wear
Bluetooth calling


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In response to both of you, while I understand this is going on, I don’t understand why. And while I can understand they copy SONY to SOMY etc, you think they would also so blatantly infringe their own brands? Does the rest of their store look legit?

I’ve already had multiple returns and refunds approved on aliexpress due to the product not matching the description. I don’t dispute every cheap item but something of this value would surely be returned as soon as found out. Unless people are really prepared to pay so much for something they don’t know what it is and they don’t even notice the difference. Unless they’re counting on the client being content with the product even though it doesn’t match the description.

First of all, I think it is important to understand that the store you linked on Aliexpress is NOT an official Huawei store.

People will do whatever they need to sell stock.
There is nothing else to say about it.
I have confirmed that Huawei does not sell this product, with the solution provider.
That’s it, sorry but all I do is tell you what I can confirm.

The other brand - PPWolf - is a client of the factory that made the Z40 watches. Same as Lemfo and Lokmat are clients of the same factory.

End of story.


That would explain a lot, given there are many “Huawei something” stores… One would expect trading platforms to care a little more over this phenomena on store name approval if they’re getting paid from it.

How about LOKMAT APPLLP PRO 2 vs 4? Why would one order one over another?

Different bezel design.
That’s all.
No other difference at all.

Hm , when the is no wrong information on the web,
I read appllp 4pro uses : CPU: UMS312+PAR2822
for appllp 2 Pro i find: CPU: T310+PAR2822

When this is right, the web says t310 is more peformant, isn’t it ?

ref links: