LEMT /TICWIS MAX updates etc

Hi all, havnt posted in here for a while, but I am still using my LEMT.
I had one of the first ones with the dodgy rear panel that cracked, which I replaced.
Other than needing a new charging dock, it has been brilliant for nearly 2 years now.

How may others still have theirs? (Or other versions- Ticwris or DM100)

Is there any news in the wind of newer version of this being produced in the not too distant future?

Preferably with newer chipset/Android 10/ newer display?

I live in hope… I have tried smaller or round watches but they dont hit the spot with me.


Well strike a light ! :rofl:

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Pablo 11, trying to post a question on lemt forum (I am a member) but cannot.
trying to increase the length of the DTMS. thanks, Bones