Lemp software watch droid

The watch droid assist doesn’t let the weather update, why? It’s a lemfo lemp only has three days.
And by the way, there is no apk other than Gaofit? Because this one doesn’t make much sense.

in my suggestion First factory reset the watch

I already did the factory reset and installed the weather on raise but nothing changed, but when I uninstall the watch droid and restart it already updates the weather.

hello does anyone know of an intro apk for automatic screen brightness so that when we are in daylight it automatically resets the brightness

I don’t understand now it’s always with the information (it wasn’t possible to get the position) when I test it on Google and it works perfectly I don’t understand, can you help me?

In order for this function to work would it not require a light sensor built into the watch, so it knows the ambient light? I know the phones work this way. I use Display Brightness App to adjust the light level from any screen or use the Brightness adjustment built into every Android watch.

ok I understand perfectly but as there are apks that work through the camera, I thought I heard some that worked on the smartwatch

hello, does anyone know of a good sync app for lemfo lemp, other than gaofit that sucks and watch droid, if you know I would appreciate it if you post.

I’ve been using Watch Droid for years on all my watches and have no serious complaints. You can try WiiWatch 2 but I’ve only tried it one time and it laltbd.

Thats true . Watchdroid is working perfectly fine on my Lemfo Lem P :+1:

Hi my lemfo lemp stopped vibrating, i’ve been to settings and restarted the smartwatch and nothing can help?

Maybe you have enabled the silent Mode in the quicksettings?

No, I don’t and even when restarting it only vibrates a thousandth of a second, I’ll try to uninstall the clockskin launcher and the watch droid if I can’t, I’ll do a factory reset.

Ok, let me know if it works.:+1:

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First I uninstalled one by one but without success, then I did a factory reset and installed the watch droid 9.0 again successfully vibrated again in notifications and calls but a small message after installing the watch droid restart the smartwatch so that the watch takes over perfectly, I’ll try to install the clockskin launcher again to see if it interferes with the vibrating system and give news again.

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As I already suspected the clockskin launcher shuffles the smartwatch software I do not advise to install it because if you have installed it for a long time on the smartwatch it may not be possible to recover with the factory reset. I can’t connect the gaofit app to the smartwatch, isn’t there another app that does the same?

Another issue the watch droid after being disconnected due to the distance does not connect automatically you need to open the app to be activated again and I already have the app always connected to the battery control.

Hm, have you enabled “unrestricted data”?


I know that and it’s disabled like in weather on raise, in terms of distance on the watch droid it’s better to enable the disconnect information on the watch droid phone