Lemfo Z20 - a new apple shaped FAW

Hi, in my quest for the “right” full android smartwatch, I’ve just come across the Lemfo Z20, which looks like a new version of the Lemfo S1 and Rogbid Air. Here’s a write up:
Can anyone comment on it?

I had the Air, liked its speed and formfactor, but it was horrible quality so I went through the return process. I previously had the Max S, but found it too bulky. I’m currently playing with an X99-2e. Too small and slow. I guess I could try the DM20 but that’s awfully old, and I’m a big believer in Moore’s law. Then again, some are offering an “upgraded” DM20 with a larger battery, that’s even larger than the 850mh in this new Z20

Its Android 9 ? Enough said

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Do you prefer the DM20 that comes with Android 7.1?

Without a doubt

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looks like it’s basically a square version of the lem p or prime s with more storage and a ceramic body

I’m just wondering why a reputable company like Lemfo. would risk their reputation and goodwill by producing an Android 9 watch if they are no good? Have Lemfo managed to secure more reliable components?

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They do not produce it. They bought it and sell it. There aren’t much devices on the market at the moment.

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Thanks for the reply. If they out their brand on it they should stand over it and give full support. I wonder if that is even possible?

The specs read good, includes “right side with an 8MP Camera”. Just concerned that often these camera claims are fake and in reality camera only has 5MP or 2MP

Lemfo advise that the advertised side facing 8mp camera is not what it seems. Is only 5mp with software upscaling.
Disappointing still cannot trust advertised specs from Lemfo, why do they still do this? It just destroys the value of the Lemfo brand.

At least they told you the truth . Rogbid claims are shocking


Newer is not always better. I still wear my 3 year old Lemfo Lem10 on a daily basis. It still does what I ask of it very well.
The watch is still available which sort of attests to its durability.

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Thanks for sharing. Two of the apps I want to use need a side camera for qr code reading (supermarket apps). So that rules out the lem10 dm20. I use ancient thinkpads so I appreciate old equipment. But I think newer is better to get good performance in a small wrist formfactor.

This is one of the watches that we have already said are terrible and are not welcome here.
Closing this and deleting links to try and save anyone from buying this trash